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A Success story: BellEssere Hair Spa

Alina Argunova, owner of the BellEssere Hair Spa salon, tells us her success story with Philip Martin's in Pesaro in a short interview.

When did your career as a hairdresser start? Tell us your story.

I started my work experience as a hairdresser eleven years ago out of passion for the Hair Care world. I was intrigued to discover the world of coloring and learn to respect the well-being of the hair, the capillary structure and the skin.

What kind of clientele does your salon frequent?

Salon customers want well-being for their hair, just like me. They are people who love to have beautiful, well-groomed and perfectly arranged hair.

How did you get to know the Philip Martin's brand?

I met the Philip Martin's Brand thanks to the area consultant. During the meeting, I tried truly competitive natural products and found curiosity, the desire to experiment and continue to explore my work.

What is the first Philip Martin's product that won you over?

The first product that won me over was Everyday Hand Serum, the moisturizing and soothing hand serum: it was love at first touch. From that moment I started exploring Philip Martin's world and tried many products. They have become indispensable in my work, I would have a hard time choosing the product I love the most. The Hemp line, composed of Hemp Wash and Hemp Rinse, fascinated me for its performance capacity and its characteristic fragrance.

What are the Philip Martin's products that have won over your customers?

It is not always easy to convince customers to change brands or try a new product, but once they have tried the quality of Philip Martin's products, the sensoriality and fragrances are captivated: they notice the difference immediately. For example, a customer complained that every time he had to shave, due to his sensitive skin type, he was forced to use more products and the skin on his face was particularly irritated or with lesions. Philip Martin's 3 in 1 Free Shave shaving emulsion product was the solution and the customer thanked me: it was a satisfaction. The products that have conquered my customers are the treatments dedicated to the well-being of the skin and the maintenance products to be used at home to make the treatment done in the salon even more efficient (such as washes, rinse and many others).

What is the Philip Martin's product that you think is best performing?

Philip Martin's best performing product is Re-mersive Luxury Cream, the restructuring treatment suitable for all hair types. The hair will be healthier, fuller and regain tone and shine, once you try it you can't do without it.

The well-being of the skin and hair is the first step for an enviable hair.

Is there a tip from Hair Stylist you want to share?

Many Philip Martin's products can be used in combination with each other to increase performance. If you have frizzy hair you can add a few drops of Infinito to your favorite Rinse; if you have particularly fine and fragile hair, a small amount of Jojoba Pure Oil added to Rinse or used as a finish product will make the difference: your hair will thank you.

Why did you choose to become a Philip Martin's Concept Store?

Until two years ago, I was working with products from other companies. I never noticed a noticeable difference between the before and after treatment and the customers were not satisfied. I used to work with those products every day and my hands were dry and chapped: if the products ruin my hands, what do they really do to my customers' skin and hair?

I had come to the idea of ​​abandoning my passion and my work.

When I discovered Philip Martin's I found natural and truly competitive products, with Philip Martin's I found happiness again. The treatments and products are of the highest quality and the result can be seen, perceived, felt. This is why I decided to become a Philip Martin's Concept Store: to give the best to my customers.

How much difference does Made in Italy make in this sector?

There is nothing better than having an Italian brand, especially in this historical period. Made in Italy products are sought after all over the world for their excellent quality and it is an excellent choice to support the Italian market.


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