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A sensory journey: Alba Tramonto line

Philip Martin's presents the new Alba Tramonto line of perfumes, seven fragrances with distinctive notes, dedicated to the contemporary man and woman. Each perfume is dressed in strong, vibrant tones that express the personality and essence that sets them apart.

Placed side by side, the perfumes with their colors bring to mind the purity of the sky at the moment when its shades of color are at their most intense: before the sun rises and before it sets.

Starting from the earth colors of the In Oud perfume, we move on to the more intense and tenacious shades of Matita, reminiscent of graphite and incandescent hard stone. TY wears the energetic and vibrant colors of sparkle and fire, but it is with the warm and sensual embrace of the perfume

In Amber you reach for the warmth of the sun. The sun's rays filter with extreme tenacity through vapor and mist with the perfume Fumè, to fade with Marty towards clouds of pink notes, softer, more delicate and feminine. The Opaco perfume, finally, with elegance and sophistication, lifts us up to the blue color of the clearest and purest sky.

Philip Martin's Sunset Sunrise line is a true journey of senses and colors, from the earth to infinity. Discover the olfactory notes that characterize each fragrance and let yourself be moved:

In Oud

A unisex fragrance with refined woody, spicy and amber notes, inspired by the sensual and mysterious Middle Eastern olfactory tradition. A hypnotic, warm and intense fragrance with a pungent touch that takes the mind inside a distant palace of the East where iridescent colors mix with inebriating scents to become one, revealing a traveler's soul. An enveloping sensory journey that traces the notes of the most fragrant spices and the citrus nuances of Orange, an olfactory accord that gives dynamism and a light touch of freshness. In the woody and amber notes of Oud resin and Cedarwood, enhanced by the sweetness and softness of Rose, the In Oud perfume finds its strength and identity, becoming unforgettable.


An intense and tenacious unisex fragrance, rich in contrasts and personality, suited to those who seek innovation and have the desire to fully express their personality and creativity, leaving a mark. Acute notes of Bergamot and hints of fougère make the fragrance rough only in appearance and then fade into comforting trails of Vanilla which give the fragrance a lively sweetness. Delicate resinous, musky and woody notes of Sandalwood and Cedarwood are dressed in metallic nuances and combined with warmer, ambery and spicy tones. Inspired by a common object that we learn to use every day since childhood, the Pencil perfume recalls past sensations and emotions that pleasantly envelop us, making this fragrance suitable to accompany every moment of the day and life.


A fragrance with refined essences, a tribute to the contemporary male and female figure who wants to stand out and fully express their personality: quality for the Philip Martin's man and woman who want to achieve their goals.

A fragrance that evolves and unfolds its vibrant, oriental and spicy notes while you wear it: an all-day sensory love affair.

A sweet, enveloping and sensual fragrance with olfactory nuances of Leather that give strength and character soothed by the warm tones of Saffron. Base notes of Amber and Vanilla meet more woody and resinous notes of Sandalwood and Oud adding sophistication to the base of the fragrance.

In Amber

In Amber invents a new ritual to experience perfume with its unisex roll-on fragrance: a concentrate of refined, natural and pure essences that enchant and completely envelop the senses with spicy and amber notes. A sensual, soft and intense embrace to renew at any time of day with a small gesture.

Warm, vanilla and creamy olfactory nuances that give roundness to the fragrance meet the more woody notes of Cedar and a dominating amber imprint giving energy and verticality to the fragrance.


A full-bodied and elegant masculine fragrance with dry, spicy and aromatic notes. Very present and tenacious, it is a perfume that relaxes and takes the mind and psyche far away, through countries, culture and time. Its fragrance calls for meditation and sincere listening to one's inner self, creating an olfactory harmony between the body and the essences of the soul.

Sweeter, more energetic notes that open up to a great personality are associated with darker heart notes, in the shadow of the undergrowth: warm musks, spicy woods and smoky woody nuances, such as Oakmoss, Cedarwood and Leather, enhance the mysterious and spiritual character of Fumè.


A fragrance inspired by the natural, elegant and rebellious femininity of Marty. A warm and enveloping fragrance characterized by floral notes inspired by the Iris flower with aromatic, slightly spicy and pungent facets. A slow dance full of contrasts where strength and delicacy meet, a feeling of joy and euphoria tempered by embarrassment, innocence and experience, romanticism and sensuality.

The sweet and woody heart notes of Vanilla and Patchouli create an olfactory harmony with more stimulating, ambery and musky base notes such as Incense, Amber and White Musk.


An elegant and refined unisex fragrance with unusual floral and amber notes enriched by a slightly woody undertone. The soft and velvety fragrance delicately settles on the skin giving romantic and sweet notes, like a caress of naturalness, a pampering of well-being.

The floral heart notes of Iris, with nuances of Honey, give the olfactory composition the desired depth and charm, like a flower as it blooms and achieves its breathtaking beauty. The harmony between the base notes, with their ambery woody tones and musky aromas, give roundness to the fragrance.

Which fragrance in the new line fully expresses your personality and soul?


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