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Beauty Rituals Face Serum

We often consider the face serum as an essential product for the well-being and care of mature skin and, therefore, we do not introduce it in our daily beauty routine and we prioritize the cleansing and application of a good face cream. In fact, the serum is a precious ally and an essential step of the Skin Care Routine for the care of the face at any age and for any type of skin.

Let's discover together all the properties of this elixir of well-being.

The elixir of well-being

The face serum can be considered a special and specific treatment.

The high concentration of natural active ingredients in its formulation, in fact, makes it a concentrated beauty elixir, ideal for visibly improving the appearance of the skin: a boost in terms of actions.

In our morning and evening beauty routine, the face serum is applied before the cream, after cleansing the face. It does not replace the application of the cream, but on the contrary it is a complementary product.

Thanks to its molecular composition and its liquid consistency, the serum is able to penetrate quickly and deeply and acts as a real carrier preparing the skin to effectively absorb the active ingredients of the cream. It helps to keep the skin hydrated for longer, deeply nourishes and makes the face cream much more performing, completing or enhancing its effects.

Now that we know all its precious features, how do we choose the perfect face serum for our skin?

The choice of the perfect serum

Each serum is formulated with natural ingredients and active ingredients aimed at counteracting or solving a specific skin problem.

The choice of the most suitable serum will therefore depend on the needs of our skin, the problem on which we want to act and the result we want to achieve.

Philip Martin's has created the most innovative and performing formulation for every skin need. The sensory texture transforms the simple application of the face serum into a real treatment.

Philip Martin's offers three highly effective and visibly effective face serums from the very first applications: TheSerum H, TheSerum P e TheSerum C.

TheSerum H

TheSerum H , the moisturising face serum with an innovative formulation rich in active ingredients ideal for improving the hydration and appearance of the skin.

Algae and Tomato extract give an antioxidant, anti-pollution, regenerating and protective effect against damage caused by blue and UV light.

From the very first applications the complexion of the face will appear younger, healthier and brighter.

TheSerum P

TheSerum P , the rebalancing and purifying serum rich in active ingredients that help protect the skin and regulate the production of sebum in unbalanced and oily skin.

Thanks to the purifying, astringent, soothing and decongestant action of its active ingredients, it improves skin blemishes caused by acne and inflammation.

Gives the face a hydrated and visibly improved complexion.

TheSerum C

TheSerum C has a formulation enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid and Vitamin C: ingredients with moisturizing, regenerating, antioxidant and anti-aging properties. TheSerum C helps improve oxidation, skin discoloration and the signs of aging. It counteracts the dull appearance of the skin, bringing it back to its natural energy and well-being, day after day.

A few drops are enough for a correct application of the serums and to treat the whole face.

Apply the product to cleansed face and massage with circular movements until completely absorbed, taking care to avoid the eye area. Don't forget to apply it on the neck and décolleté, with gentle but firm movements.

Complete your daily beauty routine with a moisturizing face cream such as InTheDay or InTheNight.

Which Philip Martin's face serum is most suitable for you?

Have you already included it in your daily Skin Care Routine?


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