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Beauty Rituals for Hair. The New Year’s Resolutions well-being

In the previous article "Beauty Rituals for the Face”. The good resolutions of well-being" we talked about the importance of the good resolutions dedicated to our well-being for the new year.

Small moments and simple gestures that will accompany us throughout 2022 to take better care of ourselves and our body.

Philip Martin’s has dedicated the first good intention of the year to the face care, recommending to use the mask: an intensive treatment, comfortable and quick to insert into the weekly beauty routine.

In this article Philip Martin’s still inspires us with a second good habit dedicated entirely to the wellness of our hair, especially of our lengths.

Take care of your hair and your lengths

Who prefer a long haircut rather than a short, know that the secret to reach the desired length and having a healthy hair is to take care of it. More care and attention are needed: to having strong, bright and soft hair, especially in winter. A good hydration of scalp and hair is essential: low temperatures and humidity tend to ruffle the hair and make it drier, losing brightness.

Philip Martin’s recommends to introduce in their Hair Care Routine a treatment with nourishing Jojoba Pure Oil.

Regains elasticity and shine

Jojoba Pure Oil by Philip Martin’s is the nourishing oil that is characterized by its citrus notes. Formulated with pure jojoba oil, it has many beneficial properties including an extremely nourishing, moisturising, elasticising and emollient. Its balancing, protective and stimulating actions of circulation make this product ideal for helping to repair damaged hair and lengths.

Jojoba Pure Oil is a real beauty treatment of excellence, Philip Martin’s recommends a simple but effective ritual: a pack on the lengths to be repeated from one to two times a week. If even the skin shows dryness you can do the compress with Jojoba Pure Oil starting directly from the root of the hair up to the lengths.

The Jojoba Pure Oil beauty ritual

To perform the treatment simply apply the product to the hair with a gentle massage and then wrap the hair with a towel preferably warm or damp.

The recommended exposure time is from 5 to 15 minutes, but can be extended. Jojoba Pure Oil does not weigh down the hair so you can let the product even for an hour.

After the exposure time, you can proceed to the cleansing of the hair.The hair will be deeply hydrated, bright, elastic and extremely soft.

For extra hydration, Philip Martin’s recommends using Maple Wash moisturizing shampoo and Maple Rinse moisturizing mask during the cleansing phase.

In case of strong dehydration we recommend at least once a week an extra treatment with the super moisturizing hair mask Fusion Luxury Mask.

Now that you know how to take care of your hair and your lengths at your best, want to know the good purpose Philip Martin’s dedicated to the well-being of the skin of our body?

Don’t miss our blog, we’ll talk about it in the next article.


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