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Beauty rituals:How to take care of your beard

The latest trends on male beauty have emphasized how men can express their personality and uniqueness through the way they style their beard. Long, short or stubble, the beard can take different shapes that change the facial features, enhancing the strengths and hiding the imperfections.

Each Beard deserves its own Beauty Routine

To have a neat and full beard it is essential to create a Beauty Routine with specific products designed for face and beard care. Philip Martin's offers a quick ritual with immediate results that take care, cleanse and moisturise various types of beard.

Step 1


To cleanse the face and beard, use the Dark Hydrating Wash, the moisturising cleansing cream.

Apply a small amount of product on beard and skin using the palm of your hand and massage gently until completely absorbed. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2


After cleansing and just before drying, apply a product to deeply nourish; this will help give shape, elasticity, softness and shine to the beard.

For each type of beard, Philip Martin's has the proper solution: Potion Cream moisturising gel is perfect for curly beards, O-Men is a precious oil dedicated to bristly and dry beards and Revitalizing Spray is a moisturising and polishing spray that satisfies most of the beard types requirements.

Apply one of these products in small quantities on a damp beard, distributing it evenly. Proceed with drying.

A perfect shave

If you prefer a clean face and a complete shave, Philip Martin's recommends the use of Free Shave, the 3 in 1 shaving emulsion. Three combined actions in one single product: pre-shave, shaving emulsion and after-shave.The skin will be soft, hydrated and strongly scented.

Before shaving, lightly wet the area to be shaved and apply the Free Shave product evenly with a light massage. Proceed with shaving hair with and against the grain and then rinse or remove the product with a damp cloth.

If you feel the need for a more hydrated skin, you can apply a small amount of InTheDay moisturising face cream.

With or without a beard? What do you prefer?


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