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Beauty Rituals: The Sun Care System

Sunny days, increasingly warm temperatures, the first weekends out of town.

With the arrival of May, the summer season has officially begun, and protecting your skin with a quality sun product becomes essential.

With the right protection, taking the sun becomes a moment of regenerating relaxation and time dedicated to our well-being.

Greetings Sunlight

For effective protection and a long-lasting tan, Philip Martin's has formulated Sun System Protection: the solar line dedicated to the well-being of our skin and hair.

The Sun Tan Butter SPF 15 and the two sun emulsions Sun Tan SPF 50 and Sun Tan Mineral SPF 30 protect our skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, promote constant hydration and give us an even golden complexion.

These three products in the Sun System Protection range share a high quality, high-performance formulation enriched with functional and natural active ingredients and have different features and protection factors (SPF) to suit all needs and skin types.

How can we choose the sun protection that suits us best?

By identifying our phototype.

Protect yourself to get a tan

The way we react to the sun's radiations depends on our skin type, which is why it is important to choose the right product with proper awareness and caution: fair and sensitive skin reacts more to the sun's rays than darker and more resistant skin, which is naturally better protected.

Starting from the colour of our complexion, our eyes, our hair, the presence or absence of freckles and our ability to tan, it is possible to identify our phototype and the corresponding protection factor best suited to protect our skin.

Sun Tan SPF 50

Sun Tan SPF 50 is the sunscreen emulsion that provides high, complete and effective protection from UVA and UVB damage and photo-oxidation, the ideal product to preserve skin integrity and enjoy the benefits of the sun safely.

With its light, quickly absorbed texture, Sun Tan SPF 50 emulsion gives the skin a beautiful, long-lasting golden glow, eliminating the risk of sunburn. Its application is facilitated by the practical spray dispenser.

The convenient 100 ml format makes Sun Tan SPF 50 suitable for all types of travel and needs.

Sun Tan Mineral SPF 30

Sun Tan Mineral SPF 30 is an innovative sun emulsion for the face and body without chemical filters. Thanks to the use of a physical mineral filter, derived from natural minerals, it guarantees high protection of the skin from solar radiation.

The natural and functional active ingredients in the formulation of Sun Tan Mineral SPF 30 preserve the proper hydration and the skin's natural defences against oxidative stress.

Like Sun Tan SPF 50, Sun Tan Mineral SPF 30 is available in a convenient 100 ml travel size.

Sun Tan Butter SPF 15

Sun Tan Butter SPF 15 is the ideal sun butter to encourage a fast and intense tan. Thanks to the important presence of high-spectrum screening filters, it protects against UVA and UVB rays, leaving the skin moisturised and pleasantly soft and fragrant.

Sun Tan Butter SPF 15 is recommended for those with dark or already tanned skin. This tanning butter is ideal for those who like a product with a strong moisturising and humectant action.

The charming aromatic notes that characterise these three sunscreens caress the skin, providing a real sensory experience.

Applying it to the skin before sun exposure, repeated frequently throughout the day and after every contact with water, becomes an extremely pleasant moment of well-being and self-care, in true Philip Martin's style.

What sunscreen will become your ally in the summertime?


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