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Beauty Tips Body: summer on your skin

The heat, the sunbathing, the wind in your hair, the holiday air.

The arrival of summer brings with it the need to take care of one's skin and body, not only during sun exposure.

For a healthy, glowing skin with an even golden complexion, it is essential to devote time to the well-being of our bodies after sunbathing; proper skin protection during the day may not be enough.

How can we enjoy all the benefits of the sun after exposure?

With a summer beauty routine designed to soothe any redness and restore optimal moisture levels.

Sunset Body Routine

Philip Martin's offers us a series of products formulated to give our skin well-being after a day in the sun. Every skin reacts differently to the sun and expresses different needs and requirements: create your own personalized Sunset Beauty Routine. Let's discover together the products that Philip Martin's has selected for us.


After a day in the sun, our skin is stressed and needs hydration and nourishment. A shower with a delicate and refreshing gel such as Saphron is ideal to regenerate the skin and regain its natural vitality and energy.

The refined and aromatic notes of Saphron, given by the regal Saffron combined with the fresh notes of Grapefruit, are a precious combination with an original and surprising character to give the skin dynamism, awakening and sensuality.

The special feature of Saphron is its gel formulation with biodegradable raw materials, an ideal choice for those who want to show concern for the well-being of the environment and the marine ecosystem.


If our skin is delicate and reddened after exposure to the sun, cleansing with Buterò body butter is ideal. Thanks to its restorative and soothing properties, it leaves the skin clean, supple and silky to the touch without any greasy residue. After cleansing the skin with Buterò, it is then necessary to replenish the skin's necessary nutrients with a specific product such as Maui Refreshing and Soothing Gel, Olive & Aloe Anti-Ageing Oil or Cashmere Cream Nourishing Body Cream.


If your skin is not particularly problematic, Maui Refreshing and Soothing Gel is ideal for moisturizing and giving your skin a prolonged feeling of well-being after cleansing or a refreshing shower.

Formulated with natural organic elements such as Aloe Barbadensis and Peppermint essential oil, Maui refreshes the skin and helps improve skin hydration and resistance.

Olive & Aloe

Olive & Aloe Oil is ideal for more delicate skin that is reddened by sun exposure. Thanks to the extracts of Olive Oil and Aloe Barbadensis, Olive & Aloe boasts restorative, soothing and nourishing properties. After cleansing with Buterò, apply a veil of Olive & Aloe to the skin, it will appear more moisturized and nourished.

Cashmere Cream

If your skin is dehydrated and in need of extreme nourishment, apply Cashmere Cream after cleansing. Rich in precious oils and butters, this nourishing cream envelops the skin, leaving it soft and silky to the touch. The synergy of highly receptive trace elements revitalizes and energizes the skin, making it stronger and more resistant.

Have you already created your personalized Sunset Beauty Routine?


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