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Beauty Tips. Spring on the skin

After the winter, the skin on our face appears duller and in need of hydration. The change of season and the arrival of spring is the ideal time to renew our complexion and make the skin of our face shine again, forgetting the winter greyness.

With the beginning of the spring season, the days get longer, the temperatures get warmer, the sun shines and the skin on our face, with the change of season, requires more hydration and protection.

What can we do to have a more toned, elastic and luminous facial skin that reflects the upcoming summer?

We can enrich our weekly Beauty Routine with quality products designed to properly renew, nourish and hydrate the skin of our face, restoring its integrity and vitality.

Let's discover together the moisturizing and toning facial treatment for dehydrated and dull skin recommended by Philip Martin's.

Awaken the skin on your face

Spring Beauty Routine

To restore proper hydration and integrate the right amount of water, vitamins and minerals to the skin of our face, Philip Martin's offers a moisturizing and toning treatment to complete our daily Beauty Routine once a week.

The first step of the treatment is delicate but at the same time effective facial cleansing, made with Cloud Remove make-up remover water and Cloud Cream silky cleansing milk. The application of Cloud Booster Tonic, the dual action tonic, completes the cleansing phase, giving tone and preparing the skin for subsequent applications.

In addition to these two essential phases, with the arrival of spring, there is the need to apply the TheSerum H moisturizing serum.

Enhancement phase with TheSerum H.

TheSerum H by Philip Martin's is the innovative face serum ideal for regenerating the skin from damage caused by blue and UV light. Excellent for improving skin hydration, it guarantees an intensive action that restores the complexion to its natural beauty day after day.

Rich in algae, mullein and tomato extracts, it has an anti-pollution and illuminating effect.

To use TheSerum H, apply a few drops of serum to the already cleansed face and massage with circular movements until completely absorbed.

The face will appear bright and full of well-being.

Detox phase with Maskà Vitamin

To amplify the effect of TheSerum H and give an extra dose of hydration, apply Maskà Vitamin: a practical single-dose face mask in biocellulose suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Rich in vitamins, it is indicated for a vitaminizing, nourishing, refreshing, moisturizing and antioxidant effect, giving the face an appearance full of well-being.

To use Maskà Vitamin, after applying TheSerum H, open the bag and gently remove the face mask. Place the mask on the face making it adhere well to the skin and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. After the processing time, remove and tap the residual serum until completely absorbed without the need for rinsing.

Nourishing phase with InTheNight

Daily application of the face cream is essential to keep the skin nourished and soft. InTheNight is the deep moisturizing emulsion with a light texture suitable for all skin types, also excellent for the most fragile and sensitive skin that reddens easily.

The particular formulation of InTheNight makes this cream a valuable aid for the absorption of water by the tissues and to prevent skin aging. Anti-aging and toning, it is ideal for moisturizing and regenerating the skin. The organic extracts of Blueberry or Red Vine strengthen and protect the epidermis, giving the skin a velvety and relaxed appearance.

To apply InTheNight, spread the right amount of cream and massage on face, neck and décolleté until completely absorbed

The Serum H moisturizing face serum, Maskà Vitamin mask and InTheNight cream, used in synergy with each other once a week for a month, will give the skin nourishment, brightness, and freshness. The face will appear more and more hydrated and the skin will regain its natural balance by slowing down the first signs of aging.

To maintain results after the first month of treatment, simply repeat this combination of products once every four weeks.

Have you already started to awaken the skin on your face?

Prepare your skin for the new season.


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