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Beauty Tips: Tone and Elasticity for the Skin

The arrival of spring and the warm season brings with it the desire to be rejuvenated and to get back into shape, to take better care of ourselves before the arrival of summer. The perfect time to look for new ideas and give our bodies a boost of energy and vitality.

Tone and firmness are the key words, but what can we do to re-awaken the skin of our body?

A specifically designed quality treatment can make all the difference.

Philip Martin's proposes the beauty treatment My Body Tone and Elasticity, which is dedicated to the well-being of the body: a ritual consisting of four high-performance, top-quality home products, specially formulated with refined active ingredients. The manual techniques of application and the scents of the products involve all the senses, becoming a real pampering moment to dedicate to ourselves.

My Body Tone and Elasticity

Used in synergy with each other, Buterò cleansing butter, Cloud Booster Tonic, Re duction mud cream and the new Specific body cream Add Tone Cream, give the skin moisture, tone and elasticity. Let's discover together the My Body Tone and Elasticity treatment programme recommended by Philip Martin's:

Cleansing Phase with Buterò

The first step in the treatment is the deep Cleansing Phase with Buterò Body Cleansing Butter, to be used at least once a week.

Rich in a mix of precious oils and butters such as Jojoba oil, Shea butter and Cocoa butter, it gives a more even glow and prepares the skin to be more receptive to the subsequent application of specific products.

Buterò transforms the purely functional action of cleansing into a veritable sensorial ritual: thanks to the heat released by the gentle massage during the application of the product, its buttery consistency melts away, making it very smooth. Rinsed off with water, the product leaves the skin clean, supple and silky to the touch with no trace of oiliness.

To apply Buterò Cleansing Butter, scoop out the right amount of product and massage in circular movements for a draining effect. Rinse with water directly in the shower.

To rebalance the pH of the skin and ensure the right level of hydration, after using the Buterò product it is essential to proceed with the next stages of the treatment or, as an alternative, to apply a specific body cream.

Toning Phase with Cloud Booster Tonic

Ideal not only for the face but also for the well-being of the body, Cloud Booster Tonic rebalances the skin after the cleansing phase with Buterò cleansing butter.

It moisturizes and refreshes the skin, giving a pleasant sensation of lightness.

To apply Cloud Booster Tonic, spray the product directly onto the skin of the body.

Activating phase with Re duction

The third phase of the treatment is dedicated to the application of the innovative Re duction cream mud with a reducing, modeling and slimming action.

Rich in highly concentrated functional active ingredients like the mud products, it has a creamier texture that does not require rinsing, making the application of Re duction pleasant and comfortable; its delicate perfume leaves the skin with sweet notes typical of Clay. From the very first applications of Re duction, the skin will appear more compact, moisturized and soft.

Re-duction is applied like a soft body cream: simply apply the product to the zones to be treated (legs, arms, inner thighs or abdomen) and massage in circular movements from the bottom to the top until it is completely absorbed.

To boost the effect of Re duction, the product can be applied immediately before doing sport: the gym, yoga, pilates or even a 40-minute walk are the most recommended activities. Apply the right amount of Re duction to the areas to be treated and massage in circular motions from the bottom up for a few minutes. Wear comfortable clothing and exercise to reactivate the metabolism.

For both application methods, Philip Martin's recommends repeating the application twice a week.

Hydrating phase with Add Tone Cream

The My Body Tone and elasticity treatment is completed with the application of Add Tone Cream especially designed to restore elasticity and the right skin tone, ideal for dull and lifeless body skin.

This body cream is rich in innovative active ingredients of high professional quality: Hexapeptide 12 acts in particular on skin elasticity, the innovative Manilkara complex leads the target cells to reproduce collagen and elastin, giving tone, Caffeine with its stimulating properties acts on small fatty deposits and, finally, Damascene Rose Water has an Anti-age action. With Add Tone Cream, your skin will regain energy and vitality and appear more firm and elastic from the very first applications.

Apply Add Tone Cream to the desired areas of the body and massage in circular movements until completely absorbed. Repeat the application once a day.

For an even more complete and high-performance treatment, Philip Martin's recommends using the professionalism of a partner institute. The results obtained from the professional treatment by the esthetician can be enhanced at home with the Add Tone Cream, thus maintaining the body's cellular memory.

Have you already included this treatment in your spring beauty routine as a good resolution?


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