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Body Beauty Rituals. Wellness Good Purposal

Philip Martin’s inspires us once again with the third good purpose of the year, this time dedicated to the well-being of our body.

The face is the most beautiful dress we wear, but it is equally important to have healthy, young and bright body skin. A perfect balance between face and body is essential to feel really good about ourselves.

For a toned, compact, moisturised and soft skin right from the start, Philip Martin’s recommends a simple and effective treatment that combines the action of two products: the concentrate for cellulite More and the mud cream Re duction.

Take care of the beauty of your body

To take care of the skin of our body, Philip Martin’s offers us a small ritual made of simple gestures of surprising effectiveness to be completed in a few minutes: a good habit that will accompany us every day throughout the year.

A reducing and modelling sensory treatment to stimulate micro-circulation Improve lipid synthesis, skin elasticity, help the circulation and to counter every day the imperfections present and the signs of time in less than 25 minutes. The comfort will be endless.

Shape to Perfection

The Philip Martin’s treatment combines the action of two products with easy application and rapid absorption enhancing the effect and giving immediate results and quality, let’s find out together:

Concentrate for Cellulite More

The peculiarity of the product for cellulite, More, is its super concentrated formulation. The active ingredients that compose it give a strong reducing, stimulating, revitalising and elasticising making More ideal for the improvement of vascularisation, fat accumulations, unstressed skin and the imperfections present, such as cellulite.

To start the treatment apply a small amount of product daily insisting on the areas most affected by the unsightly. The skin will regain its natural shape and plasticity and will immediately appear more toned and compact.

Cream Mud Re duction

After the complete absorption of the concentrate for cellulite More, it is necessary to apply the mud cream Re duction: an innovative product with a particular creamy texture that does not need final rinsing. Re duction combines the benefits of mud with those of a body cream giving a reducing, shaping and slimming.

Its frequent application allows to visibly improve the appearance of legs, buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

To complete the treatment, apply a thin layer of Re duction and massage gently with circular movements from bottom to top on the areas you want to treat.

Leave on until completely absorbed. For a complete assimilation of the active ingredients and their properties it is recommended an exposure time of at least 15 minutes.

The skin will appear from the first applications more compact, moisturised and soft.

Tips: If the goal is to achieve excellent results in a short time you can repeat the application of mud cream even twice a day.

Throughout the month of January, Philip Martin’s has accompanied and inspired us with good wellness intentions dedicated to the care of the face, hair and body.

What good intentions have you chosen to include in your Beauty Routine?


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