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The perfect perfume: five tips for you

Perfume is being dressed

Perfume is not just a fragrance, it is texture, a feeling of wellbeing on the skin, an emotion and, just like a dress, it reveals something about us and our world before gestures and words. Wearing a perfume can help express our personality by giving an authentic perception of ourselves.

Each of us is quite unique, in soul and personality, which is why it is important to choose the perfect perfume for us, the fragrance that best represents us and brings out the best in us at a particular time in our lives. For Philip Martin's, uniqueness has always been one of the company's main foundations, and the Alba e Tramonto line is the most iconic example.

The search for the fragrance most suited to our way of being is an intimate and never simple experience. Philip Martin's helps us in our choice with five simple but important rules which will help us to discover the fragrance most suited to us among the seven fragrances of the Alba e Tramonto line offered by the company: In Oud, Matita, TY, In Amber, Fumè, Marty and Opaco.

Let's discover them together.

1. Know yourself

The first basic rule for discovering your ideal perfume is to be aware of yourself, your feelings and your olfactory tastes.

Identifying which olfactory family we prefer most is the first step in the right direction.

In the world of perfumery, there are nine main olfactory families: the aromatic, floral, citrus, woody, oriental, chypre, fruity, musky and leather family; each has distinct and recognisable olfactory characteristics.

To find out which olfactory family attracts us most, a great way is to think about the essences in our favourite fragrances or to consult the olfactory pyramids of perfumes we already know. Once we have identified the olfactory family that inspires us, we can simply search for similar notes among Philip Martin's creations.

You can find the olfactory notes of each perfume on the product page of the company's website

2. Follow your instinct

Instinct plays an important role in choosing the most suitable scent, especially when it leads to the exclusion of an essence: no one would wear a perfume with which they find no olfactory affinity.

3. Express your personality

Each olfactory family is composed of notes that give character and make the fragrance unique.

To find the fragrance that best reveals our being, the secret is to combine the olfactory notes that attract us and appeal to us with those that most represent our personality.

Let us focus on our identity. Which fragrance reflects us most?

A warm, spicy, hypnotic one with oriental suggestions like In Oud or one full of personality, rich in contrasts, intense and decisive like Matita?

An elegant, refined, ambery fragrance like the roll-on perfume In Amber?

A contemporary, embracing, sensual and tenacious fragrance like TY or a full-bodied, tenacious and aromatic masculine fragrance with a mysterious and spiritual character like Fumè?

A fragrance in which natural, elegant and rebel femininity prevails like Marty or a refined, velvety, sweet and romantic fragrance like Opaco?

If we are in doubt, it is better to go for fragrances with delicate, undemanding notes, such as Opaco.

4. Take your time to choose

To choose the perfect perfume for us, it is important to take your time.

Wear the perfume on your skin in the pulsating areas of your body, such as your neck or wrists, and carry it with you, these parts, giving off more warmth intensifies the fragrance.

We often let ourselves be struck by the first olfactory impression given by the Top Notes because they are compatible with our taste, but it is the Heart and Base Notes that prevail, giving character to the fragrance.

To evaluate the fragrance in its harmony and fullness, giving time to the Heart and Base Notes to emerge and surprise us, it is necessary to wait an hour. In the meantime, we can dedicate this time to us and our well being by treating ourselves to a coloring service in a salon or a beauty treatment in a Philip Martin's partner institute.

This time will give us an idea of the intensity and duration that the perfume has on us.

5. Take quality into account

Philip Martin's has always stood for the quality of the ingredients chosen in the formulation of its products, the fragrances in the Alba and Tramonto range are no exception.

Philip Martin's has chosen the most concentrated solution with the highest percentage of natural extracts: perfume.

The fragrances are stronger, enveloping and long-lasting: an all-day sensual love affair. Luxurious fragrances that are priceless.

Which Philip Martin's perfume is perfect for you?

Remember: having found the right fragrance does not mean never leaving it. We can choose several fragrances, to be used at different times, leaving room for new discoveries. Every day we can experience a perfume that is true to our personality, but different from the others.


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