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City Life: protect your hair from pollution

Did you know that the health and beauty of your hair may depend on the pollution in the air?

Our frenetic lifestyles bring us into daily contact with smoke, smog and fine dust, which inevitably deposit on our skin, causing irritation and making our hair heavy, lacking in volume and dull.

Especially in winter, when hair is already severely tested by cold temperatures, it is necessary to follow a Hair Care Routine with specific anti-pollution treatments and products.

To moisturise and protect the scalp from pollution, making the hair healthier and brighter, Philip Martin's recommends the Moringa Family system composed of three specially formulated products: Moringa Wash, Moringa Rinse and Moringa Curl, respectively an anti-pollution shampoo, conditioning treatment and leave-in.

Moringa Family Run from Pollution

The Moringa Family is the Philip Martin's anti-pollution system that stands out for the presence of a high concentration of Moringa Oleifera extract in the formulations: the active ingredient that inspired the name of the line.

Native to India, Moringa Oleifera has well-known emollient, antioxidant and moisturising properties and is considered an excellent smog capture: it absorbs toxins, enhancing its purifying and protective effect, thus facilitating the removal of microparticles.

Let's discover together the products of the Moringa Family system for stronger, lighter, shinier hair and protected from pollution:

Moringa Wash

Moringa Wash is the protective anti-pollution shampoo that gently and thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair. Moringa Oleifera extract, combined with Organic Aloe Barbadensis extract and Organic Viola Tricolor extract, removes smog, toxins and pollution caused by polluting agents: a real shield effect.

Apply a small amount of Moringa Wash to the palm of your hands and emulsify. Spread the shampoo over the wet scalp with your fingertips and gently massage with circular movements to activate circulation. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

Moringa Rinse

Moringa Rinse is the perfect moisturising mask to discipline, balance and protect hair from pollution. After shampooing and on towel-dried hair, apply a small amount of Moringa Rinse to the lengths. Leave the product on for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Moringa Curl

Moringa Curl Defining Gel is the ideal product for designing and defining a soft and natural curl without weighing it down. It seals the hair fibre, making the hair less sensitive to humidity and preventing the frizzy effect.

After washing your hair, apply the right amount of gel on the palms of your hands. On damp hair, distribute the product over the lengths and proceed with the desired styling. The hairstyle will last for a long time.

Wavy, curly or fine hair?

or fine and thin?

Each type of hair has its own needs and necessities and it is important to choose specific products and anti-pollution treatments in line with our needs.

Wavy or curly hair

Moringa Wash shampoo, Moringa Rinse conditioner and Moringa Curl defining gel, used in synergy with each other as a treatment, are ideal for wavy and curly hair.

They moisturise the hair in depth without weighing it down, increase its elasticity and make it less sensitive to humidity variations, thus preventing the frizzy effect. The curl maintains its volume and the wave regains its natural beauty for a voluminous, soft and luminous hairstyle.

Fine and thin hair

The combined action of Moringa Wash and Moringa Rinse is the perfect anti-pollution treatment for fine and thin hair. They cleanse and moisturise in depth without weighing hair down, giving it volume, brightness and shine.

With Moringa Family , hair regains its energy: a line with a smog-catching power.

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