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The collaboration between Karin Kirchner Ercolani and Philip Martin's had as a starting point a gift. Karin is the owner of Ercolani Concept Stores in Brno, Czech Republic: in an interview she shares why has chosen to embrace Philip Martin's modus operandi and philosophy.

The interview with the owner of Ercolani Concept Stores

The key pillars of Ercolani Concept Stores are relaxation, luxury, nature, unique experiences and originality. Soon, Karin will open the third Concept Store of the chain: "The brand now stands for revitalization, care and escaping from daily stress and chaos - Karin begins".

When did you decide to become a hairdresser?

"Happened more than 30 years ago: my parents wanted me to go to college, but I wanted to become a hairdresser. It was not easy for me: in their opinion I would not have been fulfilled without a degree. Their lack of approval gave me a strong motivation. I had to prove that I was able to succeed even without an university degree. For many years, I worked with big companies, I followed their trainings, I interacted with people in the entertainment industry, attending shows as Miss Czech Republic contest. There were written many articles about me in different magazines, I also wrote some columns and I had many employees, but I did not know how to escape from a train running too fast. Then I had a serious accident and everything changed in a moment. The glory, the success became the past. Today I am thankful for everything that has happened ”.

Which is the Philip Martin's product you love most?

"I love them all, but my favorite and best-selling is the one I consider my treasure, and that is INFINITO: for me it is a drug, it solves many different problems, and now all my customers use it too".

Does Made in Italy make a difference?

For me, Made in Italy is in my blood, my family, my nature, my soul and my everything. A few years ago I discovered that my grandfather was a barber: I had no idea, but it meant a lot for me”.

Which is the Philip Martin's product that you always have with you?

"Today I find Hygien It Spray very useful, perhaps due to the Covid situation: I carry it in my bag, but I also have it in the car, in the bathroom, at home and I trust this product and I love its sensoriality”.

How can you describe the most difficult customer?

“The customer who has a clear idea, who wants something well defined but I can't satisfy him, because I wouldn't agree with the choice. Usually I let it go: I can't do something that goes against my beliefs and the certainty of achieving the result. The greatest satisfaction is given by the fact that most of this kind of customers who leave my salons come back: they want to be helped, improve their image and they rely on me ”.

Which is the best Philip Martin's product for you?

"All of them: each Philip Martin's product has its own special characteristics. The uniqueness of each product is Philip Martin's perfection ".


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