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The sound and the nuances of a razor: this is how Patrizia Calicchio's passion for barbershop was born. The beauty of man then led the owner of Barberia, the Philip Martin's salon in Rimini, to seek more and more well-being for her customers. "Each Philip Martin's product - says Patrizia - is unique in its kind: it has its own personality and characteristic, they are performing easy to use, they give me tangible results, they involve the customer, they don't limit my work".

Patrizia talks about her way of working in a short interview.

The interview with Patrizia Calicchio

In Viale G. Marini 18 in Santarcangelo di Romana (Rimini) stands "La barberia": beauty triumphs between professionalism and Philip Martin's products.

When did you realize you were going to be a barber?

“I started as an apprentice at the age of almost 13, just after finishing middle school. I approached this world because, when I asked myself what I wanted to do, a light bulb went on in my head thinking of becoming a hairdresser. I immediately fell in love with the profession and never left it. I started in a unisex salon and when I saw a man use a razor to cut his hair, I fell in love with both the sound and the nuances and I told myself that was just what I wanted to do ”.

What is the type of clientele in your salon?

"My clients range from 25 to 55 years of age: sporty and dynamic who want to take care of themselves".

How did the meeting with Philip Martin's happen?

"It was an agent I had met with another company. We maintained a good relationship and over time, understanding my orientation, he proposed Philip Martin's. Thanks to that proposal, today I am reaping a lot of satisfaction ".

The Philip Martin's products most loved by Patrizia Calicchio de La Barberia

“The product that struck me most initially was Purifying Wash, but today I love them all. Each product has its own peculiarity and guarantees a performance ". Patrizia then goes on to specify which are the characteristics she loves: "I come from two important companies in the trichological and bio dynamic field, but with Philip Martin's the impact was engaging. Each product is unique in its kind, has its own personality and characteristic, gives tangible results, involves the customer and does not limit my work ".

The top list

“I love Purifying Wash and Calming Wash - continues Patrizia - for the scent and the result. For the freshness, but also for the sensoriality, I love Dark Hydrating Wash. Scalp Benefit and Scalp Nutriment Spray immediately give body to the hair and allow me to immediately make the result concrete. While oil O-Men leaves a firmness and silkiness on the skin, without greasing, which is amazing ".

Philip Martin's Surplus

"Non-chemical perfumes - concludes Patrizia - that involve and give well-being are Philip Martin's surplus. All the products excite me, I want to use them constantly. This has never happened to me before with other companies: even at home I only use Philip Martin's ".


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