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Damaged hair after summer? Bring it back to life!

We are looking for summer as it allows us to finally relax under the sun and take a regenerating bath. But how do these changes affect hair? Wind, salt and sun damage it and make it lose its strength and shine.

Philip Martin's has the solution: the reconstruction treatment, Re-mersive System. In addition to the professional treatment, you can take care of your hair even at home, with a truly amazing result.

The professional treatment

Your trusted Philip Martin’s salon can repair the hair fiber, giving deep hydration to the scalp and restoring protection, shine and softness. The results will be immediate. The supply of proteins and hydrolyzed keratin are the fundamental pillars of this treatment.

Home reconstruction care

Re-mersive Luxury Cream by Philip Martin's brings back volume and shine to the hair, deeply nourishing and restructuring with the necessary amount of vitamins. The beauty treatment contrasts the negative effects of excessive brushing, chlorine, salt or bad eating habits and restores moisture and shine to the fiber.

1 Wash

Wet hair completely. Pour a few drops of Everyday Wash on the palm of the hand and apply it on the frontal area, on the two temporal areas, on the top of the head and on the nape, performing a gentle massage with the fingertips in a circular direction. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Perform a second application if necessary.

The product

Everyday Wash is Philip Martin's shampoo that respects the skin and hair thanks to its ingredients: Chamomile Extract, which repairs capillary damage, Witch Hazel, which treats inflammation and Helichrysum, which has a purifying function.

2 Blot hair

Once the shampoo is completely removed, blot hair well to remove excess water. The excessive water would in fact limit the application of the reconstruction treatment.

3 Apply Re-mersive Luxury Cream

On wet and towel-dried hair, apply on the palm of the hand a quantity of product that ranges between 5 gr. and at most 10 gr. After rubbing the product with your hands to activate it, apply it along the lengths with movements from top to bottom. Leave on for five minutes. Rinse.

The product

Hydration, restructuring and protection merged in one single product. Corn, Soy and Wheat proteins combined with Macadamia Oil and Carrots Oil provide deep nourishment.


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