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Face Beauty Tips - Summer on the skin

The heat, the first sunbaths, the wind in your hair.

With the arrival of summer, the skin on our face needs more hydration and lightness. For a face with a healthy and luminous complexion, Philip Martin's proposes his Summer Natural Beauty Summer Beauty Routine: a succession of specifically designed quality products characterized by a light texture. Working in synergy with each other, these products give hydration, freshness and protection, restoring vitality and brightness to the skin of our face.

Let's find out together the Summer Natural Beauty summer beauty routine recommended by Philip Martin's.

Step 1 Cleansing phase

To take care of your skin in the summer, the first step is cleansing your face with Cloud Remove make-up remover water and Cloud Cream silky cleansing milk. Delicate, but at the same time effective, cleansing is the first step in the morning and the last step in the evening, ideal for removing makeup and impurities, restores its natural beauty and lightness to the skin.

Step 2 Upgrade Phase

After cleansing the face, the serum represents a precious ally and an essential step of the Summer Natural Beauty summer beauty routine. Thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients and its molecular composition, the serum penetrates deeply and prepares the skin to absorb subsequent products more effectively. For the summer period, Philip Martin's recommends TheSerum H moisturizing serum or TheSerum P purifying serum, to be chosen according to the needs of our skin and the result we want to achieve.

To avoid more sensitive skin during sun exposure in the summer, TheSerum C serum is only recommended during the evening beauty routine.

To use the serums, apply a few drops to the already cleansed face and massage with circular movements until completely absorbed. The face will appear bright and full of well-being.

Step 3 Nourishing Phase

The third step of the Summer Natural Beauty summer routine is essential to keep the skin nourished and soft: the daily application of the face cream.

The InTheNight face cream is a deep moisturizing emulsion with a light texture, easily absorbed. Thanks to its active ingredients, such as Organic Red Vine and Organic Blueberry extracts, it has an antioxidant, regenerating and repairing action. Delicate on the skin, it helps the tissue to absorb water and prevents skin aging.

The InTheNight cream is also excellent for the most fragile and sensitive skin that reddens easily.

To apply the cream, spread the right amount and massage on face, neck and décolleté until completely absorbed.

Step 4 Protective Phase

After having completely absorbed the face cream, we proceed with the last step of the summer beauty routine to protect the skin: the application of the Sun Tan Mineral SPF30 sunscreen. Ideal for the face, it is safe and effective even for the most delicate skin. Thanks to the physical mineral filter and the active ingredients present in its formulation, it guarantees the protection of the skin from damage induced by solar radiation, preserves the correct hydration of the skin and stimulates the natural defenses against oxidative stress.

Apply Sun Tan Mineral SPF30 on the skin before sun exposure. Spread the right amount of cream and massage on face, neck and décolleté until completely absorbed.

If during the day we feel the need for freshness, the Cloud Booster Tonic booster tonic is a fundamental ally to hydrate and refresh the skin, giving immediate well-being and relief.

Spray Cloud Booster Tonic about 30 cm away from the face, avoiding contact with the eyes. Tap with your fingertips to promote homogeneous absorption.

Thanks to Summer Natural Beauty, our skin will appear more hydrated and luminous, ready to enjoy the benefits of the sun with the right protection.

Have you already started taking care of your face skin?


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