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Face Skin Beauty Ritual. Good Purpose for the wellness

New year, new Purposes.

The new year renews the desire for change, to undertake new projects and to set new goals to be achieved: the ideal time to draw up a list of good intentions that will accompany us throughout the year.

So why not insert small moments and simple gestures dedicated to our well-being to take better care of ourselves and our body?

Throughout the month of January, Philip Martin’s will inspire us with good intentions and beauty habits for the skin of our face, for our body and for the well-being of our hair to start the year, in all respects, in beauty.

Take care of the beauty of your face

A first good habit that we can adopt for a face skin looking healthier, bright and hydrated right away is the mask, a simple and quick treatment to be included in our weekly beauty routine after a good cleansing.

The face mask, for its strong intensive effect and immediate results, is perfectly suited to our increasingly frenetic lifestyle: we are always on the move, even when we remain motionless. This moment of beauty can become the ideal moment to slow down from daily activities and give us a few minutes of pampering and relaxation.

Which face mask to choose?

Philip Martin’s offers us different types of face masks that are characterised by the formulation, the action they perform and the method of application.

Let’s see together the properties of each type of treatment to choose more consciously the one that best suits us

Disposable face masks

Philip Martin’s cellulose face masks, such as Maskà Vitamin or Maskà Anti-age, are intensive disposable treatments ready to use.

The composition is the peculiarity of these masks: the fabric soaked in specific active ingredients is shaped to adhere perfectly to the shape of the face.

The treatment is convenient and fast: before opening the package just press lightly so as to distribute the product well, after which it will be sufficient to adhere the fabric mask to the shape of the face and leave it to act for an exposure time of 10/15 minutes.

Another characteristic of cellulose face masks is that they do not need to be rinsed, a gentle massage will absorb in depth all the active ingredients.

Maskà Vitamin is moisturising, antioxidant and refreshing. Thanks to the numerous vitamin intake, the face immediately appears cooler and full of well-being.

Maskà Anti-age has a lifting and regenerating action. The expression signs appear attenuated and the skin appears more toned, compact and shiny.

Cream Face Mask

The face masks with ready-to-use cream formulation, such as Calming Mask and Pure Mask, are extremely rich and nourishing and are characterised by the easy application: They should be spread on clean and dry skin directly with your fingers and left on for 10/15 minutes. To remove the mask simply moisten the fingertips of the hands, massage the face and then rinse with water.

Calming Mask has a protective, calming, astringent effect. Prevents the first signs of time, acts on capillary fragility, redness and irritation giving the skin a bright and healthy complexion.

Pure Mask is the face mask cream suitable for impure and mixed skin. It is purifying, soothing and astringent.

Powder Face Mask

If our purpose is to dedicate a few hours to our well-being, a personalized treatment according to our demands at Philip Martin’s Beauty Institute is ideal.

Philip Martin’s recommends the moisturising and energising treatment with Powder Mask, the alginate mask to activate with water that envelops the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

It smoothes and tones the skin reducing the immediate symptoms of fatigue and stress, giving the face a healthier and brighter look.

Now we just have to choose the face mask that best suits our needs and start our first good habit of 2022 to take care of our face skin.

Do you want to know the good purpose Philip Martin’s dedicated to the well-being of hair and lengths?

Don’t miss our blog, we’ll talk about it in the next article.


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