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Gives volume to fine and thin hair

Fine, thin hair tends to have a lack of volume and structure. More sensitive, brittle and fine hair breaks more easily and often tends to have split ends.

The common feeling of people with this type of hair is that thin hair gets dirty more easily and cannot keep any type of hairstyle; the desire is to shape and transform the hair into a fluid and soft hairstyle.

Can we increase the volume and thickness of fine and thin hair?

Yes, with the right attention and a lot of delicacy.

Fine hair needs more care and a tailored Hair Care Routine: delicate products specifically formulated to give the hair a natural and lasting volume without weighing it down.

Few and specific products for a quality performance.

Less is More

For the care of fine and thin hair, starting with a specific cleansing of the scalp and hair will make the difference.

To gently cleanse the scalp and improve hydration, Philip Martin's suggests Babassu Wash Volumising Shampoo and Babassu Rinse Conditioner.

To obtain an optimal and lasting styling in terms of volume and body, before the styling phase it is essential to normalise and rebalance the scalp using a product that helps to solve any skin anomalies.

Calming Spray

Calming Spray is a soothing and calming spray indicated to rebalance dry scalp. It soothes, calms and protects the scalp helping to reduce itching and irritation.

Apply the product to damp scalp and massage gently. Leave the product on for 5 to 15 minutes. It does not need to be rinsed.

Alternatively, you can also use Calming Spray before shampooing.

Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray, a regenerating spray for hair and scalp, is a normalising spray particularly suitable for the treatment of hyperhidrosis and excess sebum. It balances slightly irritated scalp and gives structure, body and volume to the hair.

Spray Sea Salt Spray evenly on damp scalp and hair and massage gently. Leave the product on for 5 minutes. It does not need to be rinsed.

After rebalancing the scalp with Calming Spray or Sea Salt Spray, complete the treatment by preparing the hair with Babassu Spray.

Babassu Spray

Babassu Spray is the ideal product to give elasticity, body and a natural and lasting volume to fine hair without body. It adds texture and structure to even the finest hair. Thanks to its natural oils and proteins such as Babassu and Wheat Oils, Rice and Hemp proteins, it nourishes and gives shine to the hair without weighing it down and without leaving residues.

Spray Babassu Spray evenly on damp roots and hair and massage gently.

Now we can proceed with the styling phase. To maximise the volumising action of the products used so far, Philip Martin's recommends drying the hair upside down with the aid of a diffuser, avoiding too hot air. To close the cuticles and preserve them, alternate jets of cold and hot air over the entire hair and each strand.

Are you ready to give new volume to your fine and thin hair with the Philip Martin's hair care routine?

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