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Hair Care Routine Anti-ageing

When we think of anti-ageing, we imagine cosmetic products dedicated to the well-being of our skin and face, but our scalp and hair can also age, no matter how old we are.

Oxidative stress can weaken the hair and change the shade of the hair, causing the first grey hairs to appear before this process is triggered naturally by ageing.

In addition to oxidative stress, a combination of factors can also trigger free radical action, such as an unhealthy diet, an unhealthy lifestyle, psychological and physical stress and environmental polution.

Over time, a stressful situation can damage the structure of scalp cells and the hair will be weak and prone to falling out.

What can we do to slow down the signs of ageing in our hair and scalp?

Philip Martin's has developed the Canapa Family system: a treatment to make our hair look ageless.

Canapa Family

Characterized by a fragrance that contains natural sensorial notes, the Canapa Family system is ideal for eliminating oxidative stress and giving strength and vitality to the hair.

Let's discover together the properties of Canapa Wash and Canapa Rinse, the de-stressing shampoo and mask that make up the Canapa Family system.

Canapa Wash

Canapa Wash delicately cleanses the scalp helping hair to regain its natural vitality and silkiness, removing oxidative stress.

Enriched with Bio Red Vine, Bio Hemp, Ginseng and Guarana extracts, Canapa Wash de-stress shampoo gives a strong restructuring and regenerating action on the hair, against free radicals.

Apply a small amount of Hemp Wash to the palms of your hands. Emulsify and distribute the product, massaging it into the damp scalp. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Canapa Rinse

Canapa Rinse is the ideal de-stressing mask to bring the scalp back to its natural balance and give extreme shine to the hair. Thanks to the combined and innovative action of Bio Hemp extract, Ceramides and the amino acid Proline, Canapa Rinse protects the hair from oxidative stress, detangles and stimulates hair growth.

Apply a small amount of product after shampooing to damp hair. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse.

Counteracting hair ageing on the scalp is important, especially in view of the summer season. Sun, wind, saltiness, frequent and aggressive washing in summer will create additional stress to the hair, weaken it and contribute to the accumulation of free radicals.

Have you already started your anti-ageing treatment for the well-being of your hair?


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