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Hair care Routine: Shaping wax

Each perfect style has its own secret: the right Hair Care product, selected according to our hair and the result we want to achieve.

Each hair care product has its own characteristics and responds to different styling needs, which is why it is important to carefully choose the most appropriate one for us.

If you want an extremely natural and light shaping result without any residue on the hair, a wax product is ideal.

Philip Martin proposes Pepenero, Peperosa, Pepe Verde, Hair Mud and Pepesale, a modeling wax for every style need. Let's discover together the characteristics of each wax:

Pepenero Modelling Wax no Wax

A modeling wax with a lightweight hold, Pepenero fixes the hair naturally, leaving no residue for a matte and wax-free shaping effect.

Its rich texture is characterized by a strong fragrance.

Peperosa Extreme Shine Wax

A long-lasting medium setting wax, Peperosa gives extreme shine to the hair with its formulation enhanced with a light-reflecting holographic powder. The organic extracts of Ginseng and Linseed help to reinforce, protect and nourish the hair.

Ideal for all types of styling, Peperosa leaves no residue on the hair.

Pepeverde Transparent Structuring Wax

A transparent wax with medium to long-lasting hold, Pepeverde gives shine and a wet look to the hair without weighing it down or leaving any residue. Ideal for sculpted looks, thanks to its active ingredients it helps protect, nourish and discipline the hair, counteracting frizz.

Hair Mud Re-Mineralizing Paste

Formulated with a mix of vegetable waxes and remineralising clay, Hair Mud is ideal for defined and sophisticated styling. Characterized by a medium/strong hold that lasts a long time, Hair Mud protects the hair, does not weigh it down and does not leave any residue on the hair.

Have you already chosen the modeling wax that suits you best?


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