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How to handle the stiff hair effect?

Philip Martin's treats dry hair and makes it soft and fluffy

Messy hair, the "straw effect" that makes hair look like an old-fashioned broom. Dry hair is a common problem and people often give up fighting it, surrendering to the idea of having shapeless hair. However, there is a solution and with the proper tests and the help of practitioners the cause can also be found. In this way we can identify the products that treat and moisturise, bringing well-being. Philip Martin's takes care of the various types of hair, mixing natural ingredients and green chemistry in a performing combination.

Possible causes of dry hair

The possible causes for having dry hair are: body internal or external imbalances and environmental conditions. Poor sebaceous activity or certain pathological conditions, such as anemia or thyroid disorders, nutritional factors (rigid diet or poor in vitamins and essential fatty acids) are in fact some of the aspects that can lead to hair dryness. Philip Martin's suggestion is to always investigate the medical cause with a health professional, and meanwhile include in the daily hair care products that give relief, providing nourishment, hydration and protection.

Philip Martin's recommended treatment

Philip Martin's makes dryness go away, leaving room for softness. We present to you a treatment that can be performed even at home, described step by step. It removes the "straw effect" and leaves hair soft and fluffy.

Step 1: pre-wash

Add three drops of Jojoba Pure Oil on your hands, rubbing and massaging the hair along the lengths. Leave on with a warm and wet towel for at least five minutes.

The pre-wash product for dry hair

Jojoba Pure Oil

Nourishing Oil

Pure Jojoba oil ideal for hair and body or as a face make-up remover. Rich in orange essential oil, it has elasticizing and stimulating properties which stimulate the circulation. It is excellent also as an eye make-up remover or a face and body massage oil.

Step 2: wash

Without adding water, apply Maple Wash evenly on the scalp and along the lengths, activating by rubbing it in your palms before application. Massage and, gradually, add water until you get a foam. Continuing to massage, distribute the Wash and proceed with cleansing.

The product that cleanses dry hair

Maple Wash

Moisturising Shampoo

Moisturising shampoo for dry scalp and frizzy hair. The mix of moisturising ingredients leave the hair soft, silky and untangled and restore its elasticity. It contains surfactants from vegetal origin.

Step 3: conditioner products

After dabbing with a towel, apply Maple Rinse or Fusion Luxury Mask to the roots, lengths and hair tips and massage gently along the entire length. After five minutes, alternate hot and cold water for three times and finish by rinsing with plenty of water.

Conditioning products for dry hair


Moisturising Mask

The hydration of the Maple Juice, the revitalization of the Organic Ginseng and the detoxifying action of the Organic Aloe Barbadensis merge together in a moisturising mask for dry and frizzy hair. The high concentration of ingredients leaves the hair silky, soft and shiny.

Fusion Luxury Mask

Super Moisturizing Hair Mask

Chestnut, prickly pear and olive oil that mix in a perfectly blended scent, creating the ideal mask for chemically treated and stressed hair. It protects from aging and it makes hair bright, silky and light.

Step 4: nourishing and performing styling

Apply Infusion Cream all over the hair; proceed with drying and the desired styling .

Infusion Cream

Leave-in Protection

Protective leave-in that makes hair shiny and easy to comb. It protects from heat during drying. Its antistatic properties make hair soft and voluminous without weighing it down.


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