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The Biosphere Reserve: the Argan Oil

Golden and shiny, Argan oil is defined as the "liquid gold of Morocco" for the value of its components. Used in many Philip Martin's products, this ingredient is rare and precious: in fact, to extract just one liter of Argan oil, you need at least 100 kg of Argan hazelnuts.

Obtained from the pressure Argania Spinosa's hazelnuts pulps, a tree that grows only in very few areas of the world, Argan oil is mainly produced in the Souss region of Morocco. Due to its benefits and its rarity, the Argania Spinosa plant has been protected by UNESCO since 1998, which has proclaimed it a "Biosphere Reserve".

The benefits

Argan oil is very rich in A,E and F vitamins which are useful to fight free radicals and preserve youth.


The natural origin and the excellence of its benefits are the reasons why Philip Martin's includes Argan oil in:


Detoxifying scrub

Cleansing formulation with smoothing effect which contains spherical micro-granules of Mediterranean olive stones and a mix of cleansing active ingredients which, once massaged on the skin, effectively remove impurities without being aggressive. Therefore, it is ideal even for the most sensitive and delicate areas such as breasts and buttocks. It promotes the natural turnover and effectively removes the dead cells of the corneal layer. It is also perfect for dehydrated skin, it prevents stretch marks in areas such as breasts, abdomen, buttocks and those parts of the body in which the skin is particularly thick.


Precious beard oil

The elixir that makes the beard soft, shiny and nourished. A concentrate of precious oils such as Argan, Olive and Jojoba oil, ideal for men with long and bristly beards. This excellent fusion untangles the knots by softening and protecting the beard.


Beard and Hair Moisturizing Elixir

An Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil based formula that moisturizes and repairs the beard and protects hair from sunlight and aggressive chemicals.

Natural Spray

Natural Hairspray

Natural "gas free" hairspray for medium-strong hold which gives lasting volume.

Color IT

Color Conditioner

Coloring conditioner enriched with natural emollient substances, such as Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Shea Butter, to increase the colour lasting, avoid hair dryness, change yellow tones or revive dull colours without attacking the hair structure.

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