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The most mysterious source of wellness: Ginseng

Ginseng is the most mysterious source of wellness that mother nature has ever made available to humanity. It was brought to Europe in 1294 by Marco Polo: Ginseng, herbaceous plant from Corea, is the translated word of the Yen Sheng root, as it was called by the Chinese population 2000 years ago. Ginseng was defined the "Spirit of the earth" and “the gift from heaven”. It is also one of the ingredients that is frequently used by Philip Martin’s.

The benefits

The set of substances in the Ginseng root (triterpene saponins, ginsenosides, phytosterols and essential oils) tonify the organism and stimulate the central nervous system, determining an increase in physical and intellectual performances. The Ginseng root is used by Philip Martin’s as an activator, regenerator, firmer, anti-wrinkle treatment and a hair invigorator.

The products

The natural origin and the excellence of benefits are the reasons why Philip Martin’s inserts ginseng within:

Maple Wash

Moisturising Shampoo

The softness and smoothness comes from a mixture of highly moisturising ingredients. The hydrating shampoo is ideal for dry skin and dry hair as it confers elasticity and manageability to the hair. It contains surfactants of vegetable origin.

Maple Rinse

Mosturising Mask

The hydration of Maple Juice, the revitalization of Bio Ginseng, the detoxifying action of Bio Aloe Barbadensis and the stimulating power of organic Bio Sage in a moisturizing mask for dry and frizzy hair. The high concentration of principles leaves silky, soft and shiny hair.


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