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Lavender and its benefits contained in Philip Martin's products

Provence, the paintings of many painters and the unmistakable perfume: lavender is the purple plant that brings with it personalized memories, but also many benefits. Evergreen woody shrub, up to 1 meter high, with linear leaves and spikes of blue flowers, lavender is native to the Mediterranean basin and is widespread especially in southern Europe.

The natural ingredient is one of the many chosen by Philip Martin's for its beneficial abilities. Let's find out which ones.

The benefits of lavender

With a sedative and calming action, lavender is an excellent revitalizer for hair and skin. Fights dandruff and stimulates hair regrowth. With balancing and invigorating effects, it gives a feeling of calm and relaxation.

On the skin, lavender has anti-inflammatory properties: applied to insect bites, minor burns, cuts, burns and bruises, but also allergies, it immediately benefits the skin.

The use of Philip Martin's

Due to its decongestant, antiseptic and soothing properties, lavender is used by Philip Martin's in some products.

Philip Martin's products with lavender

Lavender is one of the main ingredients of:

Sea Salt Spray

Rejuvenating for hair and scalp

The rejuvenation of the skin and hair given by salt and lavender. Sea Salt Spray is Philip Martin's skin and hair rejuvenator, which, by exfoliating, frees from dead cells and impurities. With a draining and remineralizing effect, Sea Salt Spray also has an adjuvant action in the treatment against cellulite and water retention. Find out more.

Sensation Foot Cream

Foot and Heel Cream

Soft cream of rapid absorption. Thanks to the properties of its ingredients it is useful in the prevention of the most common foot diseases. The soft texture adapts to foot massage. To prevent heel dryness, it is recommended to be applied daily. Find out more.


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