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The secrets of carrots for beauty

Did you think that carrots were a precious ingredient only in the kitchen? This is not the case, because this brightly colored vegetable also has great properties for the skin, both thanks to the beta-carotene that helps enhance and seal the tan, and in the form of oil or extract obtained from seeds and leaves. Philip Martin unleashes the great qualities of this vegetable in the new Sun System Protection line.

The different compositions

Carrot is inserted into skin and hair care products in different forms: oil, oleolite or extract. No part of the vegetable is thrown away.

When we talk about carrot oil we can mean both the essential oil obtained from the seeds and the oil obtained by macerating the carrot itself in oil.

The essential oil is extracted from the distillation of the seeds of the carrot plant, which are dried and crushed before being distilled, while for the preparation of the oleolite a vegetable oil is added such as rapeseed oil to carrots, and often some vitamin IS.

Both alternatives are useful in the cosmetic field for a wellness treatment in favor of the skin and hair.

Carrot leaf extract

The oily extract used in cosmetics comes either from carrot leaves or from the roots of the plant. Philip Martin's includes carrot leaf extract within the Sun System Protection line: the ingredient plays an important role in supporting the integrity of the function of the cell membrane and skin tissues, it also improves hydration and protection.

The benefits for the skin

Carrot leaf extract is a real panacea for skin health. The ingredient is used by Philip Martin's to maintain the integrity of the cell membrane function, to protect, hydrate and elasticise. Tanning becomes so effective and safe and while relaxing in the sun, the skin regains its well-being.

Philip Martin's and carrot leaf extract

The ingredient is inserted inside:


High Protection Sun Emulsion

The innovative solar emulsion uses natural minerals and is free of chemical filters. Face and body protection becomes safe and effective, even for the most delicate skin. The physical mineral filter guarantees the protection of the skin from damage induced by solar radiation and the active ingredients present preserve the right hydration and the natural defenses of the skin against oxidative stress. Find out more.


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