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The richness of Macadamia Oil

Hydration and anti-aging effect for the skin and hair: Macadamia oil, used in many Philip Martin's products, is an elixir rich in fatty acids. Cold extracted from the Australian walnut, also known as Queensland, the oil has been recognized for many years for its regenerating properties. The tree from which the walnuts are harvested is an evergreen of the Proteaceae family: Macadamia integrifolia and Macadamia tetraphylla are the only two plants that produce the fruits used for oil.

The benefits

With strong properties that counteract the oxidative stress of the cells, Macadamia oil nourishes deeply; softens dry, dehydrated and cracked skin; prevents stretch marks and reduces scars.

In the hair it exerts a strong protective power, which keeps the color unchanged for longer. Macadamia oil also restructures and nourishes the hair, without weighing it down, activating microcirculation.


Always used by Aborigines, Macadamia Oil is one of Philip Martin's main ingredients in some products:


Reconstruction treatment

The hydration of Macadamia Oil. The restructuring of Corn, Soy and Wheat Proteins. The protection of Carrot Oil. Re-mersive Luxury Cream is the treatment for the hair fiber that gives tone and shine to the hair. Suitable for all hair, it is the lifeblood for fragile, damaged and treated hair.


Leave-in Protection

The extreme manageability and shine is the effect of the antistatic treatment, which protects the hair from the heat due to drying and makes it soft and voluminous without weighing it down.


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