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The restoring power of Maple

In red, green or yellow, Maple is one of the most common plants in North America, but also in Europe and Asia. A fascinating plant which covers gardens and parks with color and can reach 15 meters in height. Its interior part is very precious: its sugary sap is a triumph of active ingredients which Philip Martin's uses in many products.

The Benefits

Thanks to the antioxidant molecules, the simple sugars, the numerous B vitamins and the mineral salts (calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium), Maple Extract is an excellent energizer that fights free radicals and provides valuable nutrients for skin and hair. Philip Martin’s adds it in both Hair Care and Skin Care.

Hair Care products

Essential for the treatment of brittle and damaged hair, which require strength and energy, Maple is added by Philip Martin's within:

Maple Wash

Moisturising shampoo

The blend of deeply moisturising ingredients helps to give elasticity and manageability to the hair, leaving it soft and silky. The shampoo contains surfactants of vegetable origin and has a moisturising action for dry and frizzy hair.

Maple Rinse

Moisturising mask

The hydration of Maple Juice, the revitalization of Organic Ginseng and the detoxifying action of Organic Aloe Barbadensis come together in a moisturising mask for dry and frizzy hair. This high concentration of ingredients leaves the hair silky, soft and shiny.

Skin Care products

A hydration elixir for dry body skin, Maple is inserted by Philip Martin's within:


Moisturising shower gel

The gentle cleansing which gives a velvety sensation. The scent on the skin, through a sensory path, is combined with nourishment and hydration. The gel gives to the skin softness and smoothness, without altering the physiological balance.


Moisturising body cream

The triumph of softness in a body cream with a strong moisturising power. Shea butter, Organic Jojoba oil, Organic Aloe extract and Maple juice make the skin velvety and soft, while inebriating the olfactory sense.


Massage oil

The elasticizing and protective effect of circulation that gives benefit to the scalp and to the skin. This emollient, toning and nourishing oil gives tone and vigor, while enveloping with a warm scent.


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