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Regulating sebum production and protecting the skin is fundamental for oily, acne-prone and reactive skin. How to restore the correct balance?


The evolution of Cosgenetics, the latest generation of cosmetics from Philip Martin's, offers a very high concentration of active ingredients to ensure an intensive action to the skin in order to achieve results and reduce its problems. The new Myface protocols are a demonstration of the latest results achieved by Cosgenetics.

Oily, acne-prone and reactive skin

The care of oily, acne-prone and reactive skin becomes a possible process in everyday life thanks to the combination of specific cream and serum.

TheSerum P face serum, with its unique liquid consistency, guarantees easy absorption into the skin: the active ingredients, contained both in the serum itself and in the matching cream, are quickly conveyed into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

The rapidity of the effect and the combined action “ serum + cream” optimise their effectiveness in counteracting and increasing the resolution of imperfections, ensuring to the skin a long lasting beauty and a healthy appearance.


Philip Martin's releases the power of nature in every single product: by combining natural ingredients with Green chemistry, Cosgenetics labs create formulations with amazing results.


Microbiome Complex has a varied but at the same time balanced formulation. It is a combination that provides a range of nutrients which support the biodiversity and homeostasis of the skin's microbiota. By supporting the skin flora, it alleviates redness and imperfections.

The stressed lifestyle, in fact, influences the skin’s microbiota, causing an imbalance which manifests itself in a reduction of the skin Ph and also in an increase of diffuse redness.


It has been demonstrated that after one week of application, Microbiome Complex reverses the imbalance: the skin microbiota returns to its physiological condition, redness disappears and the complexion appears healthier and more uniform.


The peptide complex, formulated by the Philip Martin's Cosgenetics laboratories, is obtained by extraction from Moringa oleifera seeds. It has a dual activity: it protects the cells of the skin from the damages caused by polluting agents and at the same time it purifies the skin by facilitating the removal of external microparticles that oppress it.

MyFace Product

Microbiome Complex and Moringa Complex are included into:

The Serum P

TheSerum P combines the Microbiome Complex with the Moringa Complex in a combination which help to regulate the production of sebum and to protect the skin. Thanks to the mixture of brown algae and green algae the skin regains its balance and appears more compact. Find out more

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