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The power of olive oil

The bucolic landscape with its unmistakable scent, the expanse of olive groves brings back to Mediterranean holidays. Olive oil is often thought of only as a condiment, but the product that comes out of the olives is also precious in cosmetics. And Philip Martin's proves it.

The undisputed king of dietary fats, olive oil has always been considered the best "condiment" due to its naturalness and properties. With the best balance of fats and the great ability to prevent cardiovascular disorders and regulate cholesterol levels, olive oil is well known in the "extra virgin" type, ie when the olive juice is obtained without the help of solvents chemical or other industrial interventions. With a color ranging from golden yellow to green, olive oil is obtained from the cold pressure of the pulp of the olives, fruits of the olive tree.

The benefits

A powerful oxidant that prevents the signs of aging, olive oil contains many active ingredients (vitamin E, chlorophyll, phytosterols and phenolic compounds) with a restorative and anti-inflammatory action. Squalene, the main component of the skin surface, is another of the precious components of the oil.

The king of oils is therefore vital in its nourishing, emollient, soothing and antioxidant action. By deeply hydrating, the ingredient is able to soothe redness and irritation of even the most sensitive skin. Olive oil gives the hair brightness and softness, also restructuring split ends.


The naturalness of the ingredient is the reason why Philip Martin's includes olive oil in many products:


Sanitizing spray

The natural scent. Cleansing that adds to hydration. Hygien It Spray sanitizes the hands leaving a pleasant scent with every single application. Even without soap, at any time and place, your hands will be clean again.


Precious beard oil

The elixir that makes the beard soft, shiny and nourished. The concentrate of precious oils, Argan, Olive and Jojoba, is ideal for men with long and bristly beards. The excellent fusion will untangle the knots, softening and protecting.


Super moisturizing hair mask

Chestnut goes well with prickly pear and olive oil, mixing distant but perfectly blended scents in an ideal mask for treated and stressed hair. Protecting from aging, Fusion Luxury Mask makes the hair bright and silky without weighing it down.


Anti-pollution Mask

The purifying and protective effect in a moisturizing mask ideal for combating pollution and making hair stronger, lighter and brighter.


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