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Deep hydration thanks to Panthenol

Panthenol is a real jewel for cosmetics, usable for both skin and hair, and present in many beauty products for its moisturizing qualities.

Philip Martin's uses this precious ingredient in Hair and Skin Care.

Where is it?

Panthenol, also called provitamin B5, is present in some foods, supplements. It arises from the pantothenol molecule which, after a chemical reaction, is transformed into vitamin B5. It has an alcohol-like chemical structure, and is used to help moisturize and smooth the skin and hair, from the inside in its ingestible form and from the outside in its topical form.

The pantothenic acid of which it is composed is produced by plants and other organisms but not by man. Fortunately, however, it is present in many foods such as: meat, legumes, vegetables, honey and egg yolks.

The benefits given by Panthenol

Recognized as an indispensable factor for the health of hair and skin, Panthenol prevents dryness caused by wind and dry air, has a strong ability to retain skin moisture, making it soft and supple; it also stimulates cell proliferation and tissue repair. It is also used as a softening, soothing and anti-irritant agent, which helps the epidermis to create a barrier against irritation and water loss.

Another well-known use is against sunburn, as it helps prevent and fight the damage caused by UV rays.

Philip Martin's products with Panthenol

Philip Martin's includes Panthenol in some products:


Face Mask

The cream mask, easy to apply, is rich in soothing, protective and repairing principles. Calming, softening and elasticizing, it is indicated for sensitive and irritating skin, which begins to feel the first signs of aging. Read more.


Detangling and Volumizing

Fluid formulated with conditioning and volumizing ingredients to give body and vitality to stressed hair. Ideal as a detangler. Read more.


Medium Fixing Hairspray

Medium hold hairspray is ideal for all hair types. Guarantees a durable hold all day long. Set any style and leave your hair light, soft and fluffy. Read more.


Strong Fixing Hairspray

Strong hold hairspray suitable for all hair types. Guarantees a durable hold all day long. Sets and shapes all types of styles, leaving hair soft and fluffy. Read more.


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