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Refresh the skin with peppermint

Peppermint is a perennial herbaceous plant, strongly aromatic, which belongs to the Labiate family, and to the Mentha genus. It can be used in pure form, or in the form of essential oil. Philip Martin uses it as an essential oil within Hair Care and Skin Care.

The plant

The term "Piperita" seems to derive from the word "pepper", to indicate the spicy flavor of the plant. The essential oil is obtained from the leaves, the main component of which is menthol.

Widely used as a flavoring in toothpastes, its intense refreshing and tonic as well as slightly astringent capacity is exploited for purely cosmetic purposes. It is also used for its effectiveness as a soothing and purifying agent. It also gives the product a pleasant balsamic note.

The refreshing power

Menthol has a cooling effect on the skin and mucous membranes, thanks to its anti-itching, anesthetic and vulnerary power. It is used for rinsing, gargling, in case of toothache, cough, cold and is also useful in case of eczema. Rubbed on the temples it is also helpful in case of migraines and headaches.

The benefits for hair and skin

Philip Martin's uses peppermint oil for its intense refreshing and tonic capacity, as well as astringent and anti-inflammatory. If applied to the skin together with a sulfate-free shampoo, it is in fact able to lighten and refresh the roots, purifying them of excess sebum. But it is also effective on irritated, itchy and dry scalp, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Peppermint oil is also useful for purifying the skin, soothing redness and sunburn. It also gives a pleasant balsamic note to the products that contain it.

Purifying Wash

Purifying shampoo

The wellness wash for oily or abnormal scalps. The formula of the shampoo, which contains surfactants of vegetable origin, is designed to support the removal of excess sebum, soothe and calm itchy states and stimulate oxygenation of the scalp. Read more.

Purifying Body Lotion

Refreshing cream

Moisturizing body cream enriched with oils and extracts that leave the skin refreshed and toned. Recommended after sporting activities. Read more.

Purifying Shower Gel

Refreshing Shower Gel

Shower gel formulated to cleanse the skin without altering its physiological balance: it gives a feeling of freshness, leaving the skin perfumed. Recommended after sporting activities. Read more.

Purifying Scrub

Purifying Detoxifying Scrub

Purifying and detoxifying scrub that helps restore the natural balance of the scalp and epidermis. Thanks to its active ingredients, it is a reactivating agent for the circulation. Provides strong hydration of the skin. Read more.

Calming Spray

Calming and Protective

Product formulated specifically to soothe and hydrate the skin before hair coloring. The aloe juice gel helps to reduce redness, while the glycerol and betaine deeply hydrate. Menthol gives a pleasant feeling of well-being and freshness. Contains Buddleja stem cells, which protect against damage caused by UV rays. It can be used after shampooing if the skin is still red after treatment. Read more.

Scalp Benefit

Purifying Mask

Mask rich in purifying, refreshing and soothing active ingredients, ideal for sensitive, irritated scalps with problems such as accumulation of toxins and hair loss. Applied to the lengths it makes the hair extremely soft and shiny. Read more.


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