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The youth given by the Red Vine

With the bright color of autumn, "the grass of life", as it was called by the Sumerians, releases even more healing powers: the red vine has been considered a symbol of youth and eternal life since ancient times. Philip Martin's uses the red vine as the main ingredient in some products due to the beneficial properties it contains.

The property

In the reddish leaves collected in autumn there are many bioflavonoids, belonging to the category of polyphenols, which are characterized by their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but also for their toning and vasoprotective action.

The use

Particularly suitable for couperose, sensitive and easily reddening scalps, the red vine is an ingredient that Philip Martin's includes in Hair Care and Skin Care products


Philip Martin's inserts the Red Vine into:

Babassu Wash

Volumizing shampoo

Rich in revitalizing active ingredients and surfactants of vegetable origin, the shampoo promotes hydration of the scalp and a gentle cleansing that does not attack the hair structure. Giving volume, body and shine to the hair from the first use, the shampoo is ideal for volumizing fine and chemically treated hair.

Babassu Rinse

Volumizing mask

With Organic Babassu Oil, Organic Red Vine, Organic Ginseng and Organic Achillea, Babassu Rinse is the ideal volumizing mask for fine and chemically treated hair. After detangling the hair, it makes it light, shiny and easy to comb.

Color Maintenance

Shampoo for Colored Hair

Indicated for dyed and treated hair, the shampoo revives and revitalizes the color. Composed of surfactants of vegetable origin, it has a natural conditioning property, which gives shine and silkiness to the hair.

Color Repair

Restructuring Mask

Mask rich in butters and vegetable oils that regenerates and revitalizes colored or treated hair. It gives hydration and elasticity, restructuring the hair and protecting it after the chemical color treatment.


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