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The eyes of the Gods: this is how Guarana seeds are called. A definition that describes its shape, but also its strong power.

Guarana is a tree from the Amazon rainforest that can grow up to 13 meters, but when cultivated, its height decreases considerably, reaching 3 meters. Its origin is written in many legends: although the story changes depending on who tells it, the eyes are always the common point. The shape of Guarana seeds is very similar to the eye, and this is why there are stories of Indians falling in love, children being resurrected and conflicts being calmed by the plant. Although the differ stories, the power of the plant is confirmed by all traditions in the same way: Guarana was used in ancient times as an elixir of life and today is known for its energising and stimulating properties, also for Philip Martin's.

The Benefits

Similar to caffeine, guaranine has long been considered an excellent energiser. Derived from the guarana seed, guranine has multiple benefits: by promoting the release of adrenaline, noradrenaline and catecholamines, guranine increases the functions of the body stimulating the metabolism and the oxygenation of the blood. For the hair, it invigorates the bulbs and regulates the production of sebum.

The Products

Philip Martin's collects the main ingredients present in nature and then releases them into formulations that, contemplating green chemistry, ensure high performances. Guarana is one of the main ingredients of:

Canapa Wash

De-stress Shampoo

The aromatherapy caress that restores vitality and softness. Canapa extract is ideal for stimulating hair growth and restructuring the hair fiber, while Guarana and Red Vine extracts counteract free radicals.


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