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The "fruit of the gods": the excellence of Cupuaçu

A name, a certainty. Cupuacu is a special food and product, whose name reveals the importance of what it is: Cupuacu in the local Amazonian language means "fruit of the gods". It is similar to coconut and the white and creamy pulp of the fruit is protected by a woody brown shell. Loved for its taste, Cupuacu has excellent properties in skin health: a treasure that is contained in Philip Martin's products.

The benefits

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Cupuacu is rich in fatty acids, vitamins A-B-C-E, minerals, fiber and amino acids. Inside it also has important substances which perform an antibacterial and analgesic function.

Toning, elasticizing, nourishing and soothing, Cupuacu, both in the form of oil and butter, is an excellent, protective and emollient fruit with anti-aging action.


The natural origin and the excellence of the benefits are the reasons why Philip Martin's includes Cupuacu in the followings products :

Cashmere Cream

Body cream

The deep nourishment of precious oils and butters which makes the skin soft like cashmere. Jojoba, Cupuacu and Acai oil mixed with Zinc and Magnesium creates a synergy which counteracts inflammation, restructures, elasticises and hydrates the skin making it silky. Cashmere Cream revitalizes and energizes the skin, making it resistant and strong.


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