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The gold of the Helichrysum

The sun and gold. Helichrysum, the perennial plant with an unmistakable scent, is very common in Italy: widespread especially in the islands and in the south, it combines the sun (helios in Greek) and gold (chrysos in Greek) in its name. A lover of heat, it blooms from July to August on rocky coasts and in poorly developed soils. For many, it is the "licorice-smelling" plant, which brings back memories to walks among the rocks in search of the perfect cove where to bathe. With a bushy habit, the helichrysum is composed of conical flower heads with tubular flowers of yellow-gold color.

The benefits

With strong antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, the helichrysum soothes and burns the scalp. It also gives relief from irritations of sensitive skin with a decongestant and protective action.


Always known as a medicinal plant, Helichrysum is one of Philip Martin's main ingredients in some products:


Frequent use shampoo

The scent of chamomile, helichrysum and witch hazel blended into a single dance in which the senses become inebriated to bring the mind to places of pure poetry. The shampoo has a particularly cleansing action, but at the same time is gentle on the scalp. It contains refined surfactants from plant origin that allow a frequent use, respecting the hydrolipidic film of the scalp.


Frequent use mask

The extracts of vegetable origin, in synergy with the latest generation active ingredients, deeply hydrate the hair, strengthen the fiber and detangle in a short time. The mask, formulated to benefit all hair types, is moisturizing, detangling and strengthening and is ideal for daily use.


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