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The ancient defense: the ruscus Aculeatus (The butcher's broom)

The ancient defense that becomes essential to fight cellulite and support blood circulation.

The butcher's broom, vulgar name of Ruscus Aculeatus, has a literal meaning deriving from a peasants’ practice: the ancient use was that of arranging a crown of foliage around the plants to avoid rodents from climbing on them and eating the fruits. Its protective meaning has become an auspicious tradition: for the new year, it is a custom to give away butcher's broom branches with red berries. Philip Martin's studied the beneficial properties of Butcher's Broom and incorporated them into some products with amazing benefits.

The plant

Ruscus Aculeatus is an evergreen shrub with a height ranging from 30 to 80 cm. It is characterized by flattened twigs, called cladodes, which look like leaves and which end with a stiff and a pungent tip. The true leaves are inserted in the center of the cladodes and have a triangle or lanceolate shape. The flowers, greenish in color, have six petals, while the fruits are spherical red berries.

The benefits

The roots of the butcher's broom contain steroid saponins, essential oils and resins with vasoprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. The marked phlebotonic activity of the butcher's broom is given by ruscogenins, which makes the walls of blood vessels more elastic, reduces the excessive permeability of the capillaries and increases the venous tone. These beneficial actions are essential to fight cellulite and the lymphatic stagnation: it is precisely for these characteristics that Philip Martin's has chosen the Ruscus Aculeatus as the main ingredient for some of its products.


Philip Martin's inserts the Butcher's Broom in some specific products to treat cellulite: the performance of this ingredient allows multiple benefits that are continuously demonstrated in the application.

AQA fluid

Draining vial

Relief for tired, swollen legs, which show the first signs of cellulite. The draining vial is a concentrate of active ingredients that helps micro-circulation, restoring well-being.


Cold gel

The draining action, the elimination of excess fluids and the sensation of relief for your legs, thanks to a cold action gel cream. Created to give lightness to parts of the body that are particularly tired and subjected to various kinds of inflammation, this gel is excellent for lightening and relieving legs heaviness.


Concentrate for cellulite

The revitalizing stimulus, the formulation created with expertly blended ingredients, ideal to treat cellulite. More is the concentrate of active ingredients that speeds up the achievement of goals in the body treatments. Particularly effective in draining, the product increases the vascularization of the tissues, reshapes the silhouette and redefines the body shape.


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