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Philip Martin's Tomato Extract: What is it and what is it for?

Continuous research leads to extraordinary effects, benefiting all types of skin and hair. Philip Martin's continues to evolve thanks to the constant activity of its laboratories which, day after day, discover and test new ingredients.

Thanks to COSGENETICS, which includes the most advanced cosmetological techniques for the extraction of active ingredients that are increasingly concentrated and targeted to the various skin problems, we are now able to use tomato extract, one of our latest achievements. Let's find out what it is and what it is good for.

What is Tomato Extract?

Philip Martin's Tomato Extract, which is included in some of our latest generation products, is the first aqueous product which contains high quantities of lycopene. It has a protective action against free radicals, which are responsible for oxidative phenomena that can lead to cellular aging.

Which are the benefits of Lycopene?

Recent studies have shown that lycopene, especially in cooperation with other natural antioxidants, has protective effects on fibroblast cell lines exposed to UVA radiation. It improves skin hydration and helps to achieve a lightening effect on the formation of spots in facial skin.

Products with Tomato Extract

Tomato extract formulated by Philip Martin's is included in:

TheSerum H

Moisturising Face Serum

Skin hydration improves and regenerates, while desquamation decreases. The skin becomes hydrated and immersed in a feeling of freshness. Thanks to the anti-pollution effect of Algae and Tomato extracts, TheSerum H counteracts damages caused by environmental contamination. Find out more.

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