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The detoxifying effect of Vegetable Charcoal

Charcoal is a Philip Martin's ingredient which represents the result of a process that involves the carbonization of tree bark (pine, oak, beech, willow) and its subsequent activation with water and air.

Black powder, commonly known as an abdominal bloating remedy, is also an amazing ingredient in hair and skin products.

The benefits

The great virtue of charcoal is constituted by its absorption capacity which makes it an essential ingredient in the detoxification process: is able to create a dense layer of pores of different sizes, which attract molecules, store them and eliminate them.

The above said, Vegetable charcoal becomes ideal for people with dull or greasy skin, because it is able to absorb impurities, purify and oxygenate the scalp from pollution and stress.


Its natural origin and the excellence benefits are the reasons why Philip Martin's includes vegetable charcoal in the following products:


Charcoal Fixing Paste

Black modelling paste, enriched with active carbon. Perfectly sculpts and defines short hair without weighing and drying it.

Dark Hydrating Wash

Hydrating cream wash

Chestnut, aloe, olive oil and vegetable charcoal are the mix contained in the cream wash.

It gently cleanses the skin supplying hydration in full respect of its natural ph.

Thanks to its formulation rich in natural ingredients, it is ideal for treating scalp anomalies.

Dark Hydrating Wash makes hair soft, shiny and healthy.


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