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Vitamin F, the skin vitamin

The importance of vitamins in the skin is a fact now established by many clinical studies. Each vitamin has its own specific purpose in the care of the body's health: vitamin F gives well-being to the skin by providing hydration and nourishment.

As with all vitamins, F needs to be taken with food, supplements or products that contain it. Present in all vegetable oils, fish, dried fruit, algae and vegetables with green leaves, vitamin F is used by Philip Martin's to give wellness to the skin.

The composition of vitamin F

Vitamin F, also called Omega 3, is a mixture of essential fatty acids: Omega 3 (alpha-linoleic acid), Omega 6 (linoleic acid) and arachidonic acid. Since it is a fat-soluble vitamin, it is not produced by the body, but must be introduced through the diet.

Benefits of Vitamin F

Vitamin F is also called the skin vitamin because it promotes its integrity, hydration, elasticity and the structure of the stratum corneum.

Philip Martin's products with vitamin F

Philip Martin's laboratories work every day to research the best performing ingredients. By combining green chemistry with organic ingredients, Philip Martin's releases the power of nature.

The Philip Martin's products which contain Vitamin F are:

Maskà Vitamin

Face Mask

Bring back vivacity and softness to the face. The cellulose mask is a treatment for the skin. Thanks to vitamins A, H, C, E F, and of Arginine which are all moisturising and nourishing ingredients present in the mask, it supplies a well-being effect to the skin of the face.

Maskà Anti age

Face Mask

The lifting action during a relaxing moment. The single-dose cellulose mask releases during the single application all the synergy of the active tensors, peptides and stem cells of the Argan. Thanks to its ingredients, it helps to reduce line expression, the skin becomes more compact and the face achieves new shine.


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