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Make your Autumn shine

Autumn is the moment when you feel the need for a fresh start and you want to try something more daring. The desire to express your personality comes to the surface. Changing the look, taking risks or simply valorising oneself can make even the dullest and most cloudy days shine. Choosing the right type of hair colouring becomes essential.

Philip Martin's has designed True Color for its salons: oxidation cream coloring to enhance the uniqueness of each person and the beauty of hair.

True color, the real colour

True color leaves wide room for creativity. In fact, the 72 shades available can be combined with each other, giving an infinity of possibilities to express yourself.

Renewing the colour, changing style and colouring, creating movement with shades and contrasts are some of the results that can be obtained in the salon with this colouring.

True Color is characterised by its bright and brilliant nuances, the vivid and full-bodied color with a high intensity of reflection, guaranteeing a performance in terms of coverage of 100% white hair.

Colouring as a beauty treatment

The well-being of the skin and hair are essential to obtain excellent results when colouring (for more information check the article Preparing your hair for a perfect colouring), but it is equally important to respect its structure during the colouring process.

True Color is a real hair beauty treatment, as its innovative formulation allows a perfect balance between active ingredients of natural origin and chemical technology that respects skin and hair and makes application and laying extremely comfortable.

Organic Goji extract strengthens hair from the inside, Hemp Oil gives softness and shine, Tsubaki Oil deeply hydrates and Zanthalene extract (or Sichuan Pepper) gives an intense anti-age action that lasts over time.

True Color leaves hair soft and hydrated.

To emphasise the full commitment to our clients, Philip Martin's excluded from the formulation of True Color PPD and Resorcinol, components that can create skin sensitivity.

A vivid color for longer

To maintain bright shades, rich in different nuances and with intense reflections for up to six weeks, it is essential to take care of coloured hair with specific products even at home.

Philip Martin's gives light to coloured hair, deeply nourishes the skin and protects the hair between one color and another with its Color Family line.

Color Family

The shampoo that revitalises and brightens the color, maintaining it luminous for longer.

The mask that gives hydration and elasticity to the hair, stimulating repair and protection after colouring.

The colouring conditioner, available in several shades. It moisturises and gives new life to the hair colour by adding pigments to modify the shades and revive dull colors without damaging the hair structure.

Were you familiar with Philip Martin's Color Family line?


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