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Purify the skin: When and Why?

Oily skin, visibly enlarged pores and sebaceous overproduction are the consequences of a skin imbalance that needs to be treated. How to do it?

Philip Martin’s brings into play MyFace, an high-performance combination of organic ingredients and green chemistry.

How to purify the skin?

To give a healthy and balanced appearance to oily, acne-prone and reactive skin, a purifying, astringent, soothing and decongestant action is fundamental. Oily skin, in fact, needs opacification and sebum regularisation.

How to help the skin?

Philip Martin's continues to develop and create new and increasingly powerful products. With the Cosgenetica laboratories, all the power and great concentration of the active ingredients is released through each product, ensuring immediate results and excellent nourishment. Health and beauty triumph, discovering a new dimension of well-being.

The recommended treatment

Serum, cream and mask, used in synergy, are essential to reduce sebaceous secretion and allow the pores to return to their natural size. Thanks to the Philip Martin's treatment, every cell of the skin receives health and beauty.

The products

Philip Martin's recommends to use, at least once a week, the mask:

Calming Mask

Face mask with multiple properties suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The particular formula has an antioxidant effect, lightening, protective, astringent and is easy to apply. Find out more

Every morning, Philip Martin's recommends:

The Serum P

TheSerum P combines the Microbiome Complex with the Moringa Complex in a combination which help to regulate the production of sebum and to protect the skin. Thanks to the mixture of brown algae and green algae the skin regains its balance and appears more compact. Find out more

Combined with:


Calming, brightening and super hydrating. Moisturising emulsion which helps to fight free radicals, redness and protects against photo-aging. Its organic extracts, moisturising complexes and peptides give protection even to sensitive skin. Find out more

Every night, Philip Martin's recommends:


The skin that rises during the night, with a caressing veil that nourishes it. In the night is a deep moisturising emulsion with a light texture and quick absorption, which helps to fight free radicals. Find out more


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