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Revitalizing the skin: how and why to do it?

The burst of energy, constant regeneration. The skin needs revitalization: the passage of time, the damage of sun exposure that is not always correct, polluting factors and imbalances accelerate skin aging. Dull and dull skin or skin with discolouration are the results. How to help the skin revitalize itself? Philip Martin's field, with MyFace, organic ingredients and green chemistry, in a performing and winning combination.

How to revitalize the skin?

To keep the skin healthy and young and the complexion even and radiant, the antioxidant and anti-radical action is essential: free radicals are in fact the factors responsible for cell damage and premature aging.

How to help the skin?

Philip Martin's continues to develop and create new and increasingly effective products. The Cosgenetics laboratories release all the power and high concentration of the active ingredients within each product, ensuring an immediate antioxidant and anti-radical action. Health and beauty triumph, illuminating well-being.

The recommended treatment

Serum, cream and mask, used in synergy, are essential to counteract free radicals, protect and rebalance the skin. Each cell of the skin, thanks to Philip Martin's treatment, receives health and beauty.


Philip Martin's recommends using the mask at least once a week:

Maskà Vitamin

Vitamin Mask

Face mask with multiple properties suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The particular formula has a moisturizing, antioxidant effect and prevents the first signs of aging while also protecting against pollution. Find out more

While every morning, Philip Martin's advises:

The Serum C

The Serum C is the perfect serum to combat the dull look, restoring the natural complexion day after day. Rich in Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Ferulic Acid, it helps the skin to maintain a high level of hydration, counteracting the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic skin aging by playing a key role in maintaining the optimal density of collagen in the dermis. Find out more

in combination with:

In the Day

Calming, lightening and super moisturizing, the moisturizing emulsion helps to counteract free radicals, counteracts redness and protects against photo-aging. The biological extracts, the moisturizing complexes and the peptides of which it is made, give protection to sensitive skin. Find out more

Every evening, Philip Martin's recommends:

In the night

The skin that rises again during the night, thanks to a caressing veil that nourishes it. In the night is a deeply hydrating emulsion with a light texture and rapid absorption, which helps to counteract free radicals. Find out more


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