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Neetle against hair loss

Always known as a stinging plant, nettle is a perennial herbaceous plant. A quiet walk can become annoying if you meet it, in fact if you are distracted or if you cannot avoid it, it will be very irritating.

The above said, although the first encounter can be not the most pleasant, nettle is very tasty on the palate (in risotto, meatballs and others gastronomic preparations) and has excellent properties in Philip Martin's hair loss treatments. Read more -->


The importance of nettle against hair loss is the reason why Philip Martin's has decided to include it in some specific products and one of these is the maintenance treatment called #hairlosskit


Maintenance treatment

Detoxify, cleanse, moisturize and nourish: the kit is composed by Aloe Pure Gel, Purifying Wash, Scalp Benefit and Scalp Nutriment Spray. It is essential for counteract the hair loss and maintain the results obtained with the Scalp Nutriment Professional treatment.


Nourishing Lotion

Strengthens, regenerates and gives volume: the nourishing lotion is ideal for the scalp and fine hair which are thinning and has temporary loss problems.


Nourishing treatment

For professional use. Ideal as coadjuvant treatment in the prevention and reduction of temporary hair loss which is caused by particular problems such as stress and seasonal changes.


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