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Philip Martin's People Ornella Mellone, Skin Care Manager

Behind every successful brand is a winning team: a collection of people who work to achieve the same goal, who enrich the company with their experience, skills and characteristics.

A Valuable Team with people who have put themselves on the line and share with Philip Martin's company their passion, their desire to grow and always improve.

Philip Martin's introduces Ornella Mellone, technical and commercial manager of Skin Care.

What has impressed you most about Philip Martin's company?

The thing that impressed me most about Philip Martin's company is its versatility.

Working in this company means not having a rigid and repetitive role, but having the opportunity to express one's professionalism to the best of one's ability in various fields, putting oneself out there, studying and learning all the time.

This versatility is also replicated in the products. In fact, depending on the blemish to be treated, products can be combined with each other. The work of the esthetician who chooses Philip Martin's is extremely challenging and never boring, requiring deep knowledge of both the product and the structure of each blemish.

What is your role in the Philip Martin's team?

I hold the role of Technical and Commercial Manager of the Skin Care business. I don't really like definitions, the work I do is very broad and can be encapsulated in two words: training and sharing.

My passion for the world of beauty and aesthetics lasts for 35 years now, in Philip Martin's I provide my professionalism to all the beauticians who choose this company as a partner and want to evolve their profession.

During my working days I follow the conception of the company's new products and training by conducting courses dedicated to beauticians and the Skin Care world at Tommy's Academy, in Italy and abroad.

Why did you choose to be part of the team?

According to my professional experience over the years, the world of aesthetics needs freshness, new ideas and a new language.

In Philip Martin's I found the courage to step outside the usual parameters and create a new way of doing aesthetics, a new vision: this is the motivation why I decided to be part of it, with love and passion.


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