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Philip Martin’s team: Jacopo Luconi, product technician

Behind each brand there is a human capital, people who work every day to achieve their goals while they enrich the company with their skills, experiences, knowledge and characteristics. Philip Martin's has a valuable team made up of people who constantly collaborate and do their best to increase the company’s growth and quality of its products.

What does a Philip Martin's product technician do?

The idea of each product comes from Mauro Trimigliozzi, founder and president of Philip Martin's. To understand if an idea is feasible and can be transformed into a tangible product, Trimigliozzi takes the concept of the formulation to his hair or skin product technicians. Their job is to use their knowledge to understand if the mixed ingredients can be effective together; this step has to be made previously to the arrival of the formulation in the laboratory. Once the laboratory creates the products, the technicians test every single item on hairdressing training swatch and later on people. The technicians choose the right product only after being sure he result is achieved.

Who is Jacopo Luconi?

Thirty-three-year-old, from the Marche region, Jacopo has a high school diploma in biological chemistry and has been part of Philip Martin's team for three years. In his family, the passion for hair care is a tradition: actually, the technician grew up in his mother's salon. His resume reveals a solid experience in the hair care field; Philip Martin's product technician also used to work in London.

The interview

Proud to be in the team of the company located in Vicenza, Jacopo Luconi tells in a short interview which Philip Martin's features he likes most.

What is the product you are most fond of and why?

“True color (link) because it is the first product I developed and that gave me great satisfaction. But I also love Pepeverde (link) and Calming Wash (link).

If you had to summarise Philip Martin's in one sentence, what would that be?

"Philip Martin's was born from the idea of a father who wants the best for his children".

What is it like to work within the team?

"Philip Martin's is a very dynamic company, which has excellent growth prospects. There is a lot of freedom of movement and proactivity is appreciated: that confers me the opportunity to grow at the same pace with the company and always stay highly motivated".


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