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Philip Martin's People Simone Minella, Technical Director Hair Care

Behind every successful brand is a winning team: a collection of people who work to achieve the same goal, who enrich the company with their experience, skills and characteristics.

A Valuable Team with people who have put themselves on the line and share with Philip Martin's company their passion, their desire to grow and always improve.

Philip Martin's introduces Simone Minella, Technical Director Hair Care.

What has impressed you most about the Philip Martin's company?

The thing that impressed me most about Philip Martin's company is the continuous search for quality. Product performance is always accompanied by respect for the care and well-being of skin and hair. I was also fascinated by the visionary projects that expand the educational part to 360 degrees.

What is your role in the Philip Martin's team?

In the company I hold the role of Technical Director Hair Care, my goal is to raise the quality of the brand in the coloring line. I am in charge of creating formats for courses and spreading the right expertise in product application by working alongside clients in the salon.

Why did you choose to be part of the team?

In Philip Martin's I found a team that has the same desire as me: to work together to make Philip Martin's a very successful brand. Everyone has a different professional and life experience that in turn enriches other people-this makes Philip Martin's a winning team.

You come from a different world than we do. What do you think are the strengths of our reality compared to others?

The strengths at Philip Martin's are the dynamism, the freshness, the energy of the people who work there, the quality products such as dyeing herbs, and the focus on what we call biocompatible. All to make a difference.

What do you take away from your work experience and what have you learned here?

Past work experience has given me extensive knowledge in the world of calorimetry and Armocromy, even out of the box. Today, all this knowledge is merged with the experiences of my colleagues thus realizing innovative projects essential for contemporary hairdressers.

The discipline acquired over the years has led me to be here today with a greater awareness.

Which Philip Martin's product has won you over? Why.

I found an innovation without comparison in the Color Slide product. A direct pigment dye with alkaline PH that is versatile and has outstanding performance results in Dyeing Herbs support, Gloss service, repigmentations, and producing sartorial coloring services.

What is the Philip Martin's value you share most?

The company values I share the most are the respect within the team and the continuous search for quality, in products and human resources, transmitted by our leader Mauro Trimigliozzi.

What is your work project in Philip Martin's?

My work project in Philip Martin's is to take the coloring line to high levels, in 2023 there will be many unprecedented innovations coming out.

Which course would you most recommend for 2023 in the Hair Care field in Tommy Academy? Why?

Eleonora Palezzato's Treatments - Dyeing Herbs course is magic. I also recommend the Master Color Metrics + Armocromy and Chromatic Mathematics course created together with Andrea Pedron and the cutting courses taught by Federico Patelli, Hair Care Artistic Director.

What is the strength of Philip Martin's academy?

To do training is not to prove our competence, but to transmit it with humility by making each student grow: this is the promise made by the Education team and it is the strength of the academy.

How do you see your future in Philip Martin's?

The future at Philip Martin's will be colorful and full of excitement. New research in the world of color will allow for the highest level of quality, and with the team behind me it will definitely be a winning future.


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