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Preparing your hair for a perfect colouring

Autumn calls for novelty.

The pace of life changes, we modify our habits and we renew our good resolutions, looking for new means to express our personality. We do that through Fashion, but also through Hair Styling, a wonderful way to talk about us and bring out the uniqueness that makes us special.

Before looking for the latest fashion Hair Styling trends for next fall / winter and deciding our new colour, it is essential to think about hair well-being and health.

The hair fiber health, in fact, influences the quality of the colouring and the bleaching performance. Dry, brittle and weak hair, damaged after the summer period or by intense heat, does not always respond properly to the colouring, making even styling difficult.

How do you get a perfect hair colour?

To obtain an excellent result it is essential to repair the damaged hair fiber, to nourish and moisturise it. The hair is restored to its natural beauty and shine when the lengths get treated and all the components that make the hair naturally hydrated, nourished and healthy are activated.

Beauty Routine to renew your hair

We recommend a treatment in your trusted Philip Martin's salon. You can choose between a personalised reconstruction program and a professional deep hydration ritual, but just as important is a well done home Beauty Routine that will show the results right away.

Philip Martin's proposes the Hair Beauty Routine to renew your hair: four steps with must-have products that aim to deeply nourish hair.

Step 1


The first step aims to deeply cleanse the skin with Everyday Wash, which has a profound and at the same time a delicate effect.

Apply a small amount of product on your hands and emulsify until you get a white cream. Distribute on damp scalp, massaging gently. Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat the application if necessary.

Step 2


The second step is designed to deeply hydrate using Fusion Luxury Mask, an ideal mask for chemically treated and stressed hair. It has an emollient and antioxidant action that will make hair silky and bright without weighing it down.

After the second shampoo, pat your hair well with the help of a towel. Distribute a small amount of Fusion Luxury Mask along the lengths from the top to the bottom on damp hair. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes.


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