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The sedimentary rock made up of kaolinite which revitalizes the hair, strengthens it. Kaolin, also commonly called White Clay, is one of the many natural ingredients that Philip Martin's includes within his products to safeguard the natural beauty and aesthetics intrinsic in each of us. Like all clays, Kaolin has also been used almost always in body care: it was in fact the ancestors who started using it, after noticing the animals rolling in mud to heal their wounds.

The composition

Precisely called hydrated aluminum silicate, Kaolin is produced by the meteoric action on the mineral feldspar. With an earthy appearance, it has a whitish color tending towards silver, resulting from the composition of silicon and aluminum. Belonging to the clay family, kaolin is characterized by its finer grain.

The benefits

Rich in mineral salts, Kaolin has multiple benefits: opacifying, absorbent, it has purifying, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties.

On the hair

Brightness and tone are the benefits that Kaolin brings to the hair: the mineral salts contained in it are in fact released on the hair, providing a purifying, nourishing and revitalizing action. Kaolin with its remineralizing power is also very suitable for combating hair loss.

Philip Martin's products

Philip Martin's creates his products by releasing the powers of nature and mixing them with chemistry. Research within Philip Martin's technical laboratories never ends: this is a way to improve performance more and more, never forgetting the origin.

Kaolin is inserted inside:

Dekò Plus

Lightening powder

The lightening that maintains the hydration of the hair. Dekò Plus lightens up to eight tones while respecting the structure. Workable on paper, the formula contains a purple pigment that allows you to lighten in shades of beige and avoid the unpleasant canary yellow reflection.

Free Hand Luxury Bleach

Bleaching powder

Designed to enhance the creativity of professionals, the bleaching powder is the perfect product for the trendiest and most technical applications. Without the use of protective papers during application, it allows the product to be used in many different ways, based on the customer's requests and the desired shades.

Aria Mud

Detoxifying Mud

Mud based on white clay and trace elements, captures toxins from the skin, purifying it and making it more receptive.


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