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Skin hydration: How to do it?

Dry skin, glowless skin, aged skin, these are some of the symptoms of the dehydration. Skin cells need to receive and retain water, which is essential to ensure and preserve the integrity and vitality of the dermis. The right hydration protects, nourishes and ensures elasticity, comfort and permeability.

How can we help the skin?

Philip Martin’s continues to create new and efficient products. Thanks to the Cosgenetics laboratories, all the power and great concentration of the active ingredients is released in each product, ensuring immediate effectiveness and excellent nourishment.

The recommended treatment

Serum, cream and mask, used in synergy, are essential for maintaining a high and healthy level of hydration: thanks to Philip Martin's treatment, every cell of the skin receives health and beauty.

The products

Philip Martin’s recommend to use the mask at least once a week:

Maskà Anti-Age

The lifting action during a relaxing moment. The single-dose cellulose mask releases during the single application all the synergy of the active tensors, peptides and stem cells of the Argan. Thanks to its ingredients, it helps to reduce lines expression, the skin becomes more compact and the face achieves new shine.

Every morning, Philip Martin’s recommends

TheSerum H

Skin hydration improves and regenerates, while desquamation decreases. The skin becomes hydrated and immersed in a feeling of freshness. Thanks to the anti-pollution effect of Algae and Tomato extracts, TheSerum H counteracts damages caused by environmental contamination. An hydrated, soft and healthy skin.

In combination with:

In the day

Calming, brightening and super moisturising. The hydrating emulsion helps to counteract free radicals, reduces redness and protects against photo-aging. Its organic extracts, hydrating complexes and peptides provide protection for sensitive skin.

Every night, Philip Martin’s recommends:


The skin revives during the night through a caressing veil that nourishes it.

InTheNight is a deep moisturising emulsion with a light texture of rapid absorption, which helps to counteract free radicals.


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