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Styling products that respects and leave hair light

Protection and style. Creating long lasting hairstyles while giving nourishment. And the best part is that in the evening you can brush your hair and it returns as beautiful as in the morning, without any residue. Philip Martin's makes styling performing and nourishing.

The performing idea

Philip Martin's main objective is well-being, delivering the power of nature and guaranteeing performance. Styling is the final act of the beauty process that makes a hairstyle unique. Usually, however, the general opinion about hairspray, gels and foams is that they weigh down hair, leaving residues and making hair washing indispensable at the end of the day. Philip Martin's changes this preconception and uses natural ingredients and green chemistry while simultaneously guaranteeing nourishment, protection and style.

Philip Martin's natural ingredients

Butters, oils, flowers, plants and seeds are inserted within Philip Martin's formulations for hairstyling, increasing performance and offering a sensory experience. As the style takes shape, the natural ingredients release their potential and nourish, hydrate and protect.

The different types of styling

Hair pastes, gels, sprays and fluids, mousse, leave-ins, hair serums and sprays are the different types of styling and finishes that Philip Martin's offers. Let's find out which one to choose.

Hair pastes

Philip Martin's modeling pastes sculpt and shape the hair with creativity and precision, satisfying all styling desires, from the most compact to the most disheveled. Without weighing down and without leaving residues, creative freedom is released.


Modeling Wax no Wax

Strong shaping and fixing paste. Rich texture, strong scent. Matte effect guaranteed. Long lasting, it leaves no residue and does not grease.


Charcoal Fixing Paste

Black modeling paste, enriched with active carbon. Perfectly sculpts short hair, defines and separates the long hair strands without weighing and drying it. Fixed without leaving residues.


Transparent Structural Wax

Transparent and structural wax with a revitalizing and energizing action. Long-lasting medium-strong fixation for sculpted looks, it gives texture and shine without weighing down the hair. Contains organic Ginseng and Linseed extracts which help to protect, nourish and model the hair in order to prevent the frizzy effect. It does not leave residues.


Extreme Shine Wax

Extreme shine wax which thanks to its formula enriched with a special holographic powder enhances the reflections of the light on the hair. Long-lasting medium modular fixation, ideal for all types of stylings. It contains organic Ginseng and Linseed extracts which help to strengthen, protect and nourish the hair.

Hair Mud

Re-Mineralizing Paste

Re-mineralizing styling with a mix of waxes enriched with clay. Hair modeling with continuous and persistent nourishment. Hair Mud is the paste that combines well being with hairstyle with an immediate and opaque effect, without weighing the hair down and leaving no residue. Medium-strong hold gives protection all day long.


They define and give elasticity to the hair.

Ice Gel

Strong Fixing Gel

A shaping, strong fixing and quick drying gel which guarantees a long lasting extreme styling without damaging or weakening the hair. The creatine and panthenol help to repair and protect the hair by giving it a healthier effect. The Jojoba and Avocado oils moisturize and make the hair shiny and soft. Doesn’t make the hair stick or greasy. Shiny effect. Leave no residues.

Ultimate Gel

100% Aloe Gel

Aloe Vera based gel, medium hold, suitable for shaping and fixing the hair. Applied on wet hair it facilitates the fixing of the hairstyle or defines curly hair. Find out more →

Moringa Curl

Curl Defining Gel

Long fixing gel ideal to create and define a soft and natural curl on the hair without weighing it down or leaving it sticky. It isolates the capillary fiber making the hair less susceptible to frizzing induced by humidity and guaranteeing a long lasting hold.

Sprays and Fluids

Detangling, volumizing, moisturising, shining, protective: the choice for the styling that does not weigh down and leaves no residue.

3 Ways

Detangling and Volumising

3 Ways is a fluid formulated with nourishing and volumizing ingredients that replenish and give vitality to stressed hair. Ideal as a detangler.

Babassu Spray

Volumizing Spray

The emollience of Babassu oil, the volumizing effect of wheat proteins and the restructuring capacity of rice and hemp proteins come together in a spray that volumizes fine and bodyless hair. Thanks to its natural oils, it nourishes and polishes the hair giving a bright and nourished appearance.

Revitalizing Spray

Hydrating & Glossing

A biphasic treatment combining precious ingredients that have to be merged together before the use. The result is an evanescent emulsion that gives hair moisture, shine and softness, revitalizing roots and tips.

Pleasure Hair and Body

Moisturising spray

The scent that captivates, the content that gives many benefits. Philip Martin's Pleasure Hair and Body gives softness and silkiness to the skin, while having a strengthening effect on hair: in fact, the spray can be used from head to toe to moisturise, nourish and protect.


Created to give hold and restore hair structure.

Natural Mousse

Medium Fix Mousse

Hair mousse which replenishes, giving shine and resistance to the hair styling. It can be used on all hair types to give a soft fix while maintaining elasticity and brightness. The hydrolyzed proteins and the extracts of Aloe and Linseed Oil give hair an extra protection, leaving them silky, soft and velvety.


Leave-ins that allow to easily comb; they moisturise and protect hair from heat.

Potion Cream

Moisturising Gel

Moisturising soft gel for scalp and hair ideal for styling curly hair without using chemical toxic ingredients. Vegetable glycerin moisturizes, protects and softens hair.

The Linseed Oil acts as a nourishing and soothing ingredient which enhances hydration, protects and smoothens the hair.

Infusion Cream

Leave-in Protection

Protective leave-in that makes hair shiny and easy to comb. It protects from heat during drying. Its antistatic properties make hair soft and voluminous without weighing it down.

Hair serums

They give shine and leave hair soft and silky.

Shine Rose

Shining Serum

Ideal for hair protection against heat sources such as blow drying. It leaves hair shiny and easy to comb. Repairs and supplies nutriment to damaged hair. Thanks to its active principles it gives great shine to the hair.


Moisturizing Elixir for Hair

Formulation with Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil which hydrates, protects and repairs the hair from sun and aggressive chemical ingredients.

Hair Sprays

Philip Martin's surprises with hair sprays suitable for all hair types, which give long-lasting volume and leave hair soft and fluffy.

Natural Spray

Gas Free

Natural gas free spray for a medium-strong fix and a lasting setting. Gives a long-lasting volume.


Hairspray Medium Hold

Ideal for all hair types, Air is the hairspray that guarantees a lasting hold all day long, fixing every type of style and leaving hair light, soft and fluffy.

Strong Air

Strong Hold Hairspray

A strong hold hairspray ideal for all hair types. It guarantees a long-lasting hold throughout the day. Fixes all hair styles leaving the hair soft and voluminous.


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